March 23, 2017

The Best Indianna Jones cosplay you will ever see

Indiana Jones chased by a rock cosplay

Found on the Humans on New York Facebook page, the greatest Indiana Jones cosplay around - featuring the classic rolling ball from the opening act of the first film, Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Halo's The Silent Cartographer Map is real and can be found in Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

A Reddit user is pretty sure that somewhere in NZ there’s a real life Halo CE - Silent Cartographer beach…. I think they might be on the money! Below is the real life photo from Catherdral Cove in New Zealand and beneath that a screen grab from the Halo game that started it all!

cathedral cove new zealand

Do you agree they look similar?
silent cartographer halo ce beach

The best EDI cosplay you'll probably come across

EDI cosplay from Mass Effect

We previously thought this EDI cosplay was great but here's some excellent cosplay from Mass Effect's larger than life A.I., EDI.

EDI Costume Play

This keen cosplay action pose was brought to you by Crystal Graziano.

Best Ever Wonder Woman Cosplay?

You might have heard of Meagan Marie, she's pretty big in cosplay circles. Here's her latest effort, a truly fantastic version of Wonder Woman.

Wonder woman amazon cosplay

The costume is less All American Diana and more Amazonian Warrior Princess. What do you think, is this the best ever cosplay version of Wonder Woman?

We're pretty sure the release of new movie starring Gal Godot will increase fan worship and increase cosplaying action!

March 19, 2017

Dead Space 4 announced, Tom Cruise to do a voice cameo

With the success of Dead Space 3, you could have bet the farm that Dead Space 4 was going to happen and Visceral Games and EA made a brief announcement today in response to a early morning leak by an employee on Twitter.

The release said "Yes, Dead Space is returning for a fourth round of guts and glory. Despite what you may have read Isaac Newton will again be featuring as the lead protagonist."

There was the usual yada yada and then this wicked gem near the end of the release.

"Dead Space can be a game that can be taken a bit to seriously at times so we wanted to have a bit of fun with the player so Tom Cruise has been cast as a renegade Unitologist who has finally seen Unitology for what it really is. Given the similarities to Unitology and Tom's own religion of Scientology we thought it would be a pretty meta thing to do, and give the game's players some further food for thought as they slice and dice their way on planet Earth."

Tom Cruise was quoted as saying, "Yes, it's a pretty clever joke. The idea threw me at first but I played Dead Space 1 and 2 right through in the same weekend and thought I really should delve into video game acting so I signed up."

That's pretty crazy, almost jump on the couch worthy kind of news. Let's see how this pans out.

Dead Space 4 will be available for purchase on 1 April 2017.

Correction: Tom Cruise was actually cast as Grand Moff Tarkin in Rogue One and made a cameo appearance.

A boy's best friend is his mother OR this is a post about Destiny that talks about Star Wars and Hitchcock

leigh -psycho -shower

Matt Soell describes himself as a “Writer, Raconteur, Man About Town” but for context, he’s an ex-‘Bungie Community Guy’ so probably knows a thing or three about how Bungie works, its mindset and how it likes to slowly build things up until their endeavours are available for the world to consume.

In an article titled “Transparency is overrated’ Matt eloquently responds to some criticisms that Bungie did not reveal enough detail when they first officially announced Destiny.

Here’s his opening:

“When I see articles in the video game press complaining that Bungie’s reveal of their upcoming title Destiny was frustratingly light on details, I wonder why they care. If I had a quarter for every time the game press mangled quotes, described nonexistent product features, and confused internet speculation with fact-checked confirmation, I could melt all those quarters down and put in a new driveway made of solid copper.  People who write about games (not all of them, but more than enough) are light on details quite regularly. And that’s for the games they care about, the ones they write about themselves instead of just cutting-and-pasting from a press release.  Now Bungie throws a party and the game press can’t fill in all the blanks in their Mad Libs Game Journalism booklet right away, and you’d think some of them had been slapped.”

I tend to agree (and probably that’s why I’m posting this for a bit of self confirmation bias ;) and in terms of wild speculation and rumour one only has to look at the announcement of the new Star Wars trilogy. Zack Synder is directing! No he’s not. It’s going to be about the Skywalkers. Han Solo’s in it. The old guy from the television show Fringe is in it. It will feature Optimus Prime as a part of a Transformers cross over.

The reality is all we know is that Lucas sold the golden goose to the guys that made Bambi and they’ve engaged JJ Abrams to direct.

And that’s all Bungie have done, they've basically said “JJ Abrams” albeit in the form of Jason Jones saying, here’s a vidoc featuring some cool things (filled with lots of little details actually….) and you’ll just have to wait and see what falls out of the tree.

Soell draws a nice comparison to Hollywood (back to film again? Ed) and a certain classic movie:

“It’s showbiz.  It’s part of the experience.  This is the entertainment software industry and we are, whether or not we look the part, entertainers.  The men and women of Bungie follow in the footsteps of Alfred Hitchcock, who had the unmitigated audacity to introduce Psycho with a trailer that featured nothing but empty environments and lots of him talking.  No clips from the actual film, no major plot revelations…and that lady in the shower wasn’t even Janet Leigh!  (It was Vera Miles, who plays Leigh’s sister in the film.)  What a rip-off!  What a waste of his fans’ time!

What a surprise that it’s remembered fondly, decades later, as one of the greatest movie trailers ever.  It’s as if Hitchcock knew what he was doing.”

It was as if Hitchcock knew what he was doing.

Well history shows Hitchcock took a huge gamble making Pyscho and that he used his own money to finance it’s production. But he knew he had a great story to tell and tell it he did and that story is now so well remembered they are making a modern day television show about the Bates family.

Bungie has a story to tell too, they have just at this time given us their trailer. Their true Box Office is just around the corner….

The best Elizabeth of Bioshock cosplay you'll ever see

vera lynn -cosplay-bioshock-elizabeth
Find the girl and wipe away the debt...

The best Elizabeth of Bioshock cosplay you've ever seen

This is possibly the best Bioshock cosplay we've seen. Popular cosplayer Vera Green has taken on Bioshock Infinite's Elizabeth, modeled on the very popular Burial at Sea DLC.

You can check out Elizabeth costumes on Amazon if you want to recreate the look.

bioshock infinite costume play

elizabeth and booker cosplay

We'll always have a soft spot for Elizabeth, particularly this cosplay effort of the lass!