February 12, 2014

Meet the Shrike from Destiny.

shrike vehicle destiny

Not unlike the Speeder Bikes that could be found on the floors of the Endor Forest in Jedi, the Shrike is one of the ways Guardians will be able to get around in the Destiny universe.

Unlike the vehicles in your world, Bungie’s Tom Doyle promises us that the Shrike will only get better as you pack on the mileage. “The Shrike is something that you’ll upgrade over time in Destiny,”. The Shrike should not be confused with the name of the character from the Mortal Engines books. You know, the one who lives in the time of Municipal Darwinism?

Right off the bat, the Shrike has three distinct paint schemes that correspond to your particular Class.”

So the Skrike will have customization abilities. I’m putting red racing strikes on mine.

If Destiny has a forge like mode, imagine the fun that will be able to be had with these babies!

If the concept designer’s name of Issac Hanaford rings a bell, it should as he had a massive design influence on Halo.

Here's a couple more pix of the Shrike:
Get your Shrike on

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