October 20, 2013

Bungie have released some more Destiny concept artwork - they have a cave troll!

troll monster concept design destiny
Oh look! They've got a cave troll!
The lads at Bungie have released some more Destiny concept artwork. I am most excited about this giant hulk of a creature above. It's kind of live a cave troll on steroids or perhaps something that Luke Skywalker may have tangled with in Return of the Jedi. Either way you'd probably need a light saber to take in down.

The other images below appear to be design work for the Moon and some other kind of superstructure:

Bungie said: This concept by Dorje Bellbrook depicts one of the oldest ideas for a playable space for Destiny. We’ve been kicking around the Moonbase in one shape or another since 2009. Marke Pedersen and Ryan Ellis created a particularly notable early example for the Bungie Day of that year. Man, was it cool!

Darren Bacon conceptualized the Comms Tower, the main focal point of the Moonbase complex. During the Golden Age, this was a relay station between Earth and the rest of the colonial effort throughout our Solar System. The architectural design is important for two reasons. The use of color is very welcome amidst the subdued lunar color palette. The height of the tower makes it useful for player navigation.

Moon Unit Zappa come in, Moon Unit Zappa, come in!
The Moonbase is actually hinted at in Mark Goldsworthy’s original postcard for the Moon. This image was also used as direct inspiration for the Hellmouth location. You can see the human buildings hanging out on a precipice depicted above, a tiny speck compared to the immensity of the Hive structure.

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