September 5, 2013

DeeJ talks about the Playstation community joining Bungie's

fallen destiny

Bungie's DeeJ has done a sweet interview on Destiny with Marianne Sartori from the Playstation site. Here's some of the choice bits from it, Those being the reference to apocalyptic landscapes and developing the game for the Playstation console - something Bungie hasn't done prior to this game.

PSB: The landscapes are post-apocalyptic ones. You mentioned that it would be something people would feel comfortable in…

DeeJ: It is a little ironic to say that post-apocalyptic society is a place you want to visit again and again, but even though there’s been a collapse of the Golden Age, even though you’re a former civilization and that the entire solar system has been smashed, the city that exists is a place where humanity still thrives.

The adventure that takes place in Destiny sends humanity back out into the wild of the solar system to reclaim the lost treasures of the Golden Age. So it’s definitely a story about redemption, about digging into our past to understand what happened, and to secure our future.

PSB: How have you found developing for PS4?
DeeJ: We’re using brand new tools that have been built from the ground up so that we can optimize this experience on any device that we deliver it to. So we’re making a game that’s going to be great for any of the consoles that we deliver it to, but we’re certainly excited about the next-gen opportunities that the PS4 delivers, and just from a community standpoint, I’m thrilled that Bungie can deliver a great experience to the PlayStation nation and welcome an entire new group of gamers into our community.

PSB: Do you have a message for the PlayStation community?
DeeJ: Your community will deliver the most important ingredient in Destiny, as they will create a character in this game, and they will play a role in this game. And as with any Bungie game, once it gets in the hands of the community, we completely lose control. They take it, they make it their own, and they do things in that game that we could have never imagined. And I’ll be watching. I can’t wait to see PlayStation gamers get a hold of that new controller, and see how they share their experiences and tell their own stories. That’s what it’s all about for us!

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