August 22, 2013

Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc revealed at Gamescon 2013 - there's guns, lots of guns

Today we travel all the way to Cologne Germany Köln to Gamescon where people who develop games show of their wares so that people like you and me can be convinced to part with our cash.

Which is fine by me as I'm pretty sure I'll be giving Bungie my cash for years to come. So what Destiny related news came out of Gamescon 2013?

JUST THIS AWESOME VIDOC! Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc

Need more Destiny news?

Rumour has it that Destiny: Legend Edition will come with Fallen captain statue. Or maybe that's just a hyperbolic reaction to this awesome  video of the making of the Fallen statue that's on show at Gamescon:

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