August 10, 2013

Destiny is all about player choices - Bungie

I'd choose to take a jacket to this place
Bungie's Mail Sack makes it clear that Destiny is all about player choice. GRUNT 4500 asked a question which expands on that stand point. "What will make us want to come back to a certain area in Destiny?"

The reply:


Playing Destiny will provide you with more choices than any other game we’ve ever created for you to play. You’ll decide which corners of our lost civilization you like to visit the most, as well as how you like to spend your time there. What’s your favorite thing about playing an action game? As those things may change from day to day, you think you’ll find a lot of reasons to visit your favorite destinations again and again.

In Destiny, we believe we can provide a meaningful activity for every player, no matter their mood. That might mean taking in a great, cinematic story. That might mean exploring the world with friends. That could be a cooperative mission or a challenge or a competitive multiplayer match. It might even just mean socializing a little in the Tower while you upgrade your gear, trade in some hard-won artifacts, or just soak in a breathtaking sunset, or enjoy a homebrew with oak chips.

Destiny is an ambitious undertaking – bigger than anything we’ve ever built before. If you’d like to know more, plans are underway to give you what you want.

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