July 24, 2013

Mass Effect's EDI concept design art by Matt Rhodes

edi concept art mass effect

The introduction of EDI to the Mass Effect series in game two was a fine move by Bioware. While character introductions are always risky moves (Jar Jar Binks anyone?)  EDI was a great character and she was able to be utilised to explore some great sci-fi concepts and discussions about the role of an A.I. She was so popular that ME3 saw EDI come a character you could take with you on missions.

edi conceot art mass effect 2
A very Tron like EDI

EDI provided to be a visual feast of beauty but a lot of hard work went into designing her. Here’s some early concept work from conceptual artist Matt Rhodes who recently posted his designs on his site.

EDI and Jeff
Here's some EDI cosplay. and here's some Femshep. Just because. OK, here's some Miranda as well. 

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