June 10, 2013

Microsoft announces gamers to get free games every month till they have your soul

master cheif halo 5 helmet
This game will not be free but Halo 3 will be!
Yusuf Mehdi has announced at E3 that Xbox Live Gold members will be receiving two free games per month starting in July, running until the launch of the Xbox One. The first two games available for free download are Assassin's Creed II and Halo 3.

Given I managed to snag a free copy of Fable III last night I'm pretty sure this is a strategy by Microsoft to get people to try new games they may have not played before to prep them for when the lastest versions of their franchises launch on Xbox One.

Xbox Gold fans will be pleased with their rewards / gift, remain loyal to Xbox and probably buy an Xbox One at some stage.That's some pretty shrewed marketing by the team there.

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