April 3, 2013

An early Forerunner exploration - Tom Scholes Halo 4 concept design art

foreunner-concept-design-Tom Scholes

Artist Tom Scholes has posted some of the design work he did for Halo for on his site, Crayonbox of Doom.

It’s clear his work ended up having a lot of influence in the look of the game – his Forerunner design seems to have played a role in the campaign level where the Chief meets the Librarian and some of the elements of the maps found in Spartan Ops.

Scholes’ work can be found in the book Awakening: The Art of Halo 4 which features' concept art, character sketches and detailed environments' from a range of artists.

If you like other books, we totally suggest you download the ebook of Mortal Engines.

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