March 3, 2013

Clifford says "If you don’t like EA, don’t buy their games"

Cliffy Bleszinski weighs in on the recent micro transactions grumpathon by telling it how it is via his excellent blog post, Nickels, Dimes and Quarters:

“I remember when the rage was pointed at Epic when we allowed users to purchase weapon skins in Gears 3. I replied to an enraged fan on Twitter that “You’re more than welcome to not buy the optional cosmetic weapon skins that will make you more visible to the enemy.” And you know what? In spite of the uproar, people still bought plenty of them. (I’ve seen the numbers.) "
It’s always a numbers game. Money doesn’t grow on trees, it comes from people’s bank accounts. And people want the money from your account to be transferred into theirs. Plain and simple.
"If you don’t like EA, don’t buy their games. If you don’t like their microtransactions, don’t spend money on them. It’s that simple. EA has many smart people working for them (Hi, Frank, JR, and Patrick!) and they wouldn’t attempt these things if they didn’t work. Turns out, they do. I assure you there are teams of analysts studying the numbers behind consumer behavior over there that are studying how you, the gamer, spends his hard earned cash."
Some common sense thoughts from the guy that made the Gears of War franchise so I guess he knows his stuff eh?

If you want to read more sane writing regards video piracy, gaming and other random things like problems with video game sequels, why not visit Cliff Bleszinski’s blog, Cliff Unchained.

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