February 27, 2013

Why are the Spartan Ops lobbies filled with NOBODY?

I finally figured out the thing that bugs me most about Halo 4.

It's the damn waiting times to find players to play Spartan Ops with. The episodes often barely have any one in them when I want to play!

I live in New Zealand. Home of Kiwis, Sex mad KakapoTuatara, the All Blacks and Chloe from Wainuiomata. And we're also a day ahead of the rest of the world. Which effectively means when I play Halo (in the late evening, when the wife and lil guy are asleep) there is nobody around to play Halo with. All the annoying kids that play in NZ (and those even worse racist Australians) have been sent to bed. America is probably waking up to the Good Morning show and the die hard Halo players are either playing BTB somewhere of have already done their dash on Ops.

Indeed, while I've been writing this post, I was waiting to find a game. It was the Greatest Hits week of Spartan Ops and the 1st episode had a shade over 200 playing it, the other four between 40 - 60. Obviously I chose the first episode but could I get a game? No, it timed out like I was some kind of leper (honestly, New Zealand got rid of all its lepers in the 1980s, we fed them to the Tuatara).

So I went and played some Team Slayer, got spanked and here I am again.

I couldn't find any stats which conveyed how well Spartan Ops is really doing for Halo 4. I think it's a great idea and adds to the longevity of the game. I love how far 343 Industries have taken the story of Infinity, Palmer, Lasky and the undefined quantity that is Doctor Catherine Halsey. It's great fun but it would more more fun if I didn't have to spend 10 years waiting in game lobbies just to drive a tank around blowing up things that need to be blown up.

So so while I've been playing I downloaded the new Majestic Map pack. 250 Players in the FFA lobby. What a bloody joke!! Or maybe I'm just grumpy I got spanked in that variant too. I blame the lag of course....

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