February 24, 2013

Bioshock Infinite will have 3 DLC units

bioshock infinite wall paper
Booker has a lady to protect

In a move that should surprise nobody, Irrational Games announced that Bioshock Infinite will see three bouts of downloadable content follow the game’s release next month. 

The three DLC expansions will feature new characters, stories, weapons and abilities. 

The packs can be purchased separately or Bioshock fans can opt for a Bioshock Infinite Season Pass which will get feature the content at a discounted price.

The Bioshock Infinite Season Pass will be available on March 26th, and will cost $19.99, a 30% discount across the board.  For those that purchase the Season Pass, you’ll get access to an “Early Bird Special Pack” as well.  This includes four pieces of gear that is exclusive for Season Pass holders.

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