December 27, 2012

Some water for that burn, Palmer?

This witty cartoon by argibi lays the perfect burn that the Chief could have given Spartan Palmer in the Halo 4 campaign. It reminds me of this...

December 23, 2012

Bioshock Infinite's alternative cover artwork

Bioshock Infinite's alternative cover artwork revealed

Bioshock Infinite's official cover art stirred some debate when it was first revealed so Irrational Games swiftly responded to that and here is an alternative cover for the game that will come with the game when you buy it - so if you want this very cool piece of art, you'll simply need to reverse the dust jacket.
Bioshock infinite alternative cover songbird

That winged creature is Infinite's equivalent to a Big Daddy or Big Sister, the Songbird who seems set to reap a lot of winged havoc in the game if the trailers are anything to go by!

Unlimited ammo Elite Sword trick from Halo 4

A sweet trick to get an energy sword with unlimited ammo on the first level of Halo - it's pretty convoluted (how do people come up with this stuff?) but it could be a bit of fun if you wanted to party up with three other players to try it out!

December 17, 2012

Halo 3 Myths busted. Again

The Halo Mythbusters team, defendthehouse have done a fine call back to Halo 3 and found some pretty cool gems - such as the Needler cannot take down a Brute Chieftain and that the Arbiter can pick up a skull....

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

December 9, 2012

4 Things that bug me about Halo 4

Things that bug me about Halo 4

I love Halo 4, to prove it you can read my review. Having played the campaign twice and fair bit of Spartan Operations so have had enough time to ponder what bugs me.... it's only four of them....

Disappearing Weapons

In campaign, what's up with the dropped weapons disappearing all the bloody time? You kill a dude and kill his mate, go back to the first dude and his weapon has disappeared! This is not the Halo way, 343. I imagine this game behaviour was to save on memory for other in game features like awesome graphics.

But, if that's the case it's taking it too far when during a Spartan Ops match, I got out of a Wraith to press X to turn on some device, turned around and the Wraith had  disappeared!

Death Replay Camera being inaccurate...

You know you get killed and you are shown the perspective of the punk who killed you? And they put 4 shots into your head and killed you? Well your death would suggest that but the replay shows the red reticle of their is no even closely aimed at your person? That bugs me.

It's called Team Slayer but your team play like Lone Wolves

This is a truism of many a halo game - there's nothing more infuriating that coming up against a well organised team yet your team mates run around willy nilly without even stopping to think their strategy of running into a wall of red (or blue) players is a poor strategy. My view is that in team slayer, you should always rub around in a minimum of two players - there's safety in numbers and a better chance of success.

That big old truck thing called the Mammoth

It was pretty much all the hype pre H4's release and in the campaign it's worth is pretty much zilch. It's just a slow lumbering beast where pretty much all the action happens off it. It doesn't even have tusks. Shessh.

That's it from me, everything else that's wrong with the game, everyone else can bitch about over at Neogaf ;)

December 8, 2012

John Liberto's concept art for Halo 4

Conceptual design artist John Liberto has posted a whole lot of Halo 4 artwork to his blog. Here's a taste of what he put together for the game - it's clear his design work had a strong influence on the way the game turned out.

Knight v. Chief


halo 4 concept art foreunner spires

December 4, 2012

How to use your Halo 4 Statistics to be a better gamer

How to use your Halo 4 Statistics to be a better gamer

I was checking out my War Games stats on Halowaypoint and I noticed this section under War Games - Game Variants - Slayer:

It shows the two top weapons I have used in Slayer for getting kills. I've had more kills with the DMR than BR, however far less deaths while using the BR so much so my KD spread is superior using the BR than DMR.

While this is a simple stat and there's plenty of variables that could account for the numbers (such as time spent with each weapon, quality and weapon choice of my opponents), it does suggest to me that I might be a better user of the BR than DMR.

I could also infer that I die less in Slayer games when using the BR and accordingly my team will do better as I'll die less - which affords us a greater chance of winning!

TBH, it's a pretty loose extrapolation of the data but you should get my point - your data will tell you about the way you play. If you've got the time, check out your own Halo 4 statistics on Halo Waypoint - you might learn something new about your playing style and be able to capitalise on it!

December 3, 2012

Destiny draws closer after leaks and hints

Following the now infamous Destiny leak, Misriah Solutions have risen from their slumber to cover what all the Destiny hints and leaks that have occured over the past few months. 

Two key things from their post stand out:

Puerto Princesa
Back in September, user “Motarius1″ posted his discovery: Puerto Princesa in the Philippines is the real-world location of the “Destiny Map” Bungie has been using so frequently. The artwork is lifted directly from a U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey nautical chart first published in 1904. 
People who followed the Destiny bread crumbs will probably recognise this cartography as the basis for the 'Star Maps' Bungie have been using all over their website. 
The second thing has been covered before: "Destiny Awaits" as found in Halo 3: ODST.
Given the leaked images of  the giant space ship known as The Traveller are now out, looking back at the in game poster shows the hint was an even bigger tease than first thought - is the circle around the Earth actually The Traveller? 
Destiny Awaits

The Traveller

Official Bungie images:

If the circle is indeed the Traveller, Bungie was playing a very long game in their planning for Destiny - Bungie split from Microsoft prior to the release of ODST after all...
No doubt there will be more hints and speculation to come!