February 13, 2021

Leeloo from The Fifth Element cosplay

leeloo cosplay with tits
"Leeloo Dallas mul-ti-pass"

Leeloo costume play from The Fifth Element movie

The best thing about the film The Fifth Element was Gary Oldman chewing scenery as the super villain whilst being adorned with perhaps the most horrible hair do in history. The second best thing about the film was the emergence of  Milla Jovovich as the perhaps the most famous red headed character ever, Leeloo.

With her good looks, hot body and rather interesting attire, Leeloo was instantly became one of the most recognisable heroines that the movies have offered and thus she is always a fair target for the cosplay queens of this world. 

Adrianne Curry as Leelo and Bobba Fett

Leeloo gold pants cosplay
Kylie Minogue would be proud of these gold pants

lee loo fifth element cosplay


skinny lee loo cosplayer

adrianne curry as lee loo
Adrianne Curry as Leeloo

camel toe lee loo costume

I'm sexy and I know it....

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