October 29, 2012

Tea Bagging: why I freaking hate it


As a young Padawan I used to watch a British kids tv show called T- Bag. It centered around a character called Tallulah Bag and her magical cups up tea. Which was very amusing as a kid. It wasn't until a few years later when I saw the film, My Father's Den during which I learned what the modern day definition of tea bagging meant. And then I discovered Halo.

Halo, the only game I've ever played where in some quarters it's considered acceptable to pretend to drop your balls onto a dude's face. To some, that might be quite a pleasant experience but in Halo it's considered a derogatory move to show how bad ass a player you are. You killed someone, you owned them (pwnage) and thus you are demonstrating you are lord and master over them, with your balls.

And it just pisses me off.

I was recently playing a bit of Halo CE Anniversary Slayer and I happened to be teamed with a group of Australian players who had clearly been on a bit of a streak. It turned out to be a 4 on one game and the blue fella got pwned a fair bit and with it he was tea bagged by the other three on my team mercilessly. To the player's immense credit, he kept playing and managed the odd kill.

What pissed me off was the three dudes on my team were filthy mouthed virgins who had no real world experience other than their Dad getting more pussy than them yet they thought in fun to tea bag when the odds were so in their favour, of course the blue player was going to have a hard time competing. 

What I'm really asking is why do people tea bag when they haven't really earned the right (as if being a competent gamer afforded one the right to tea bag another)? May be it's just the way of teenager culture in Australia. I liken this practice to the film American History X where the Nazis anally raped the character played by Edward Norton. Yeah, they made him feel pretty bad but they had to rape a man to do it. Go figure*

I know I'm bitching about what everyone has already talked about a million times, the XBL is full of idiots who trash talk all day and night.

I'm no L33T player so I have had my share of being tea bagged - the only thing that's good about it is what whilst it's happening there's ample time for your own team mate to get revenge. 

As I wrote that, it's with some amusement I recall the infamous curb stomp scene from the movie and it being  what I presume was the inspiration for the Gears of War curb stomp move. 

October 27, 2012

Is this the sexiest Spartan ass ever?

sexy spartan ass cheek

Is this the sexiest Spartan ass ever?

No wonder BS Angel felt the need to post this on twitter. Could this be the sexiest Spartan ass ever? I mean the Big Green Guy on the far right has it going on in spades...

Word on the street is that behind this spartan was the longest queue in history to try out the new Halo game...