July 26, 2012

Super Sexy Heroines and Villainous Vixens Cosplay

Bad Bitchin' Bayonetta

Super Sexy  Heroines and Villainous Vixens Cosplay Costumes

In writing the title of this post I had to learn to spell villainous. I don't ever know if it's actually a real world. Either way it's full of cosplay characters that are the heroes or villains of many pieces of comic book, video game or movie fictions. What's your favourite? Who would you like to rescue you or lift your wallet?

Below is a popular villainess from the Batman lore, Harle Quin

With the popularity of The Dark Knight Rises, we can expect a rise in Cat Woman cosplay.
A team of Poison Ivy Girls from the Rugby Sevens.
Bianca as a Star Trek Red Shirt
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Eyes up boys.
sexy female boba fett pose
Check out this body painted female doing her best cosplay of the most evil bounty hunty in Star Wars universe, Boba Fett.
Rogue from X-Men
Got milk?

The Cat, The Bat and The Ivy

Here's Kratos, belly and all

skinny kratos girl cosplay

mass effect cosplap fem shep
Fem Shep
freddy kruger cosplay
Mrs Freddy Kruger
cammy street fighter one piece
Cammy from Street Fighter
The Blonder, Sexier Captain America
Captain America
rocketeer cosplay
The Rocketeress?
sexy wonderwoman costume
You can call her Miss. 

Cobra Commander from G.I. Joe

Wonder Woman brandishing a sword.

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