February 10, 2012

Cammy White from Street Fighter as cosplay

cammy white streetfighter sexy

Great Cammy White cosplay photos from Street Fighter

Cammy White, is a popular character from the hugely successful Street Fighter arcade game series. Cammy made her first appearance Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers and was the second female added to the franchise - the famous Chun Li was of course the first female.

cammy white streetfighter cosplay

Given Cammy's natural assets, she'sa natural target for the large breasted cosplayer and here's some pretty hot photos of what the cosplay gods have deemed 'camtastic'.

babe cammy street fighter large boobs
Just chillin'

cammy white streetfighter breasts
What you staring at?

cammy white streetfighter costume
Cammy and Chun Li cosplayers joing forces

blue bikini cammy white costume
Not to be confused with Pippy Longstocking!

cammy white streetfighter hot ass
You can call me Ms Cammy White....

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