December 23, 2011

Power Girl's brains are up here, boys

power girl breasts
Power Girl's brains are up here, boys.

Cosplay pictures of Power Girl

This Power Girl above is asking you too look into her eyes, look into her eye

Ah! you say, it's a trick. 

It's a trap! you'd say. 

And perhaps you drop your eyes and feast on her ample cleavage and think to hell with it. I'll fall victim to whatever trap Power Girl has set me because both her powers are too big a match for me. Or you just have no manners. 

Or you should have a cold shower. 

Power Girl is to be admired. She helped save a few universes during the Crisis on Infinite Earths and has bashed a few bad guys here and there. If you were to admire her curves, I doubt many fan boys would complain. And neither do the people who go to comic conventions like Comic Com. 

Apparently there's a hole horde of them who simply turn up to them just to spy some power girl cosplayers in the crowd. So for those who didn't make comic con or couldn't get to Earth Two in time, here's some Power Girl costumes and outfits

power girl giant breasts
By their powers combined...
Power Girl and Best Friend Forever, Wonder Woman.

Power Girl moves so fast the world around her is a blur...
power girl beats up superman
Kyrptonian family reunions were always difficult.

Power Girl says no to your suggestion of a dinner and movie

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