December 27, 2018

The very best 'Red Sonya' cosplay costumes

red sonya tits cosplay
This is Sonya and her dragon friend

The very best 'Red Sonya' cosplay costumes and pictures from the Comic Cons

I always thought Red Sonya was a character from Conan the Barbarian but it turns out she's more that a sexy red headed warrior goddess with big tits, she's also a popular comic book character in. in which see's often referred to as the 'she-devil with a sword'. 

Her assets and attributes make her an ideal target for cos players who don't mind sharing a bit of skin. Here's the Red Sonya cosplay pictures that have resulted.... enjoy the compilation.

red sonya breasts cosplay

red sonya bikini cosplay
This Red Sonya has a Cindy Crawford kind of thing going on

red sonya costume with red dragon

natural breasts on Red Sonya

red sonya costume cosplay
Too cute to be a dragon slayer?

red sonya
She Devil with a sword!

Still here? We've got more pictures for ya!

red sonya bikini cosplay

red sonya sexy cosplay steel mesh bikini

So what's your favourite cosplay version of Red Sonya?

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