October 16, 2011

Bungie Reveal Destiny

Bungie have finally revealed their new cross platform game. We haven't had a drink of Bungie goodness since the brilliant Halo: Reach game was released three years ago (it seems so long ago!).

Now, after lots of speculation about the title, hints and long bouts of silence, Bungie have officially  revealed xxxxxDestiny xxxx as their new game.

As people have long surmised, it's a massively multiplayer online game. And it's like nothing that has ever been before. Destiny's concept is simply amazing.

It will take a lot to top the Halo series (only cross platform war games with serious advertising budgets such as Call of Duty / Modern Warfare beat it sales wise) and people will be looking to Bungie to do just that - especially as some quarters are fearful that 343 Industries will murder the series with Halo 4.

So while the ideas behind Destiny sound epic, the realization of it will be in the game's execution, and indeed the winning over of Bungie's long time fans.

Indeed it will also be interesting where the classic Halo fan now goes. Will they stay with the Halo series or will they be tempted to the Dark Side by Bungie's new wares? I imagine the guys at HBO will be torn (well actually not, they already have destiny.bungie.org all prepared).  I for one will be dipping my toes in both pools.

Perhaps it's too early to say but my heart is with Halo, my head is with Destiny.

So dear Gears of Halo fan, what do you think of Bungie's announcement?

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