May 31, 2011

Sexy Hermione Cosplay from Harry Potter

Hermione cosplay costume school girl
Harry, it's time for wand inspection

Awesome Harry Potter fans dressed as Hermione

So what is the best thing to have come to the world's attention since Harry Potter took it by storm?

Was it the millions of children and adults that bonded over tales of a young wizard and his friends?

Was it the increased literacy skills of many kids across the world. Was it the money well earnt by JK Rowling and then given to charity?

No, it was giving us Hermione and in turn Emma Watson.

Hermione is certainly one of the most popular cos play choices of Harry Potter fans. As you can probably those cos play fans do their best to produce some pretty dam sexy costume versions of Hermione!

hermione cosplayers
Are you a muggle?
I'm not really sure what to make of this next cosplayer? Is she trying to seduce Harry himself or give him a lesson in wizardry that he'll never forget?

sexy harry pottter costume
"Come hither," said Herminone. 

naughty School girl cosplay costume
You can call me Mrs Hogwarts. 
harry potter cosplay girl breasts
Alakazam. Or something. 

large breasted harry potter costume player
Check out that cool skeleton behind this Herminone...

Joker costume play - it's so serious

The Joker. He's the archetype nemesis that all comic book villains aspire to be. Insane in the membrane but sharp as a tack. The Joker is the yin to Batman's Yang. If you want a quality villian with a noxious flower or two in his jacket, he's your man.

The Joker translates so well as a bad guy for cos play fans because no matter what version of the Joker they want to dress up as, the key elements are simple and can be varied up and played any way you like. You can do your cosplay as the one of many comic versions - including the famous Killing Joke one with curly hair and sharp teeth.

Jack Nicolson breifly made the Joker cool in 1989 but as cosplay largely goes with the times, the modern day choice of Joker is Heath Ledger's version from The Dark Knight. This Joker has become iconic, thanks in no doubt to Heath's death before the movie. I wonder if his Joker is the most popular cosplay  choice for a character who's actor won an Oscar for their performance?

So... I stick a razor in my mouth and do this... 
I heard he wears make-up. 

The Joker sits and thinks about his life...
It's not all supernatural super seriousness though, some fans put their own spin on things, and thats the point I was trying to make above. If you have the white face, red lips and green hair, and perhaps a purple suit, most people will recognise your cosplay choice as a Joker of some kind. Check out this gentleman below - he's got some of the 'why so serious' Ledger face going on but he used spiky hair with a more playful joker suit so get his own creepy version going on.

Of course, in some circles the Joker is not a solo act anymore. Harley Quinn was introduced as the Joker's psycho girlfriend and 'double trouble' never had such a perfect definition as these two troopers:

Joker and Mrs Quinn
Mrs Quinn and Joker
And where's the Batman? He's behind you Joker!
Joker is generally played by a male. Some times cosplay fans like to turn the tables and come of up with nude versions of the Joker. Check out this babe of a cosplay Joker below. I'd be careful getting close if I were you....

Ooohhh. You want to play. Come on! 

If the above joker is the crazy female version of the character, what would the equivalent Batman be like?

Cute Joker? Would you dance with her in the pale moon light?

May 25, 2011

Lord of the Rings Cosplay

A few hobbits and elves cosplayers
All the hype about FIGWIT be damned, the true heroes of Lord of the Rings are the fans who have long kept the novels popular since they were first published by Tolkien in the mid 1950's. The modern day equivalent of keeping something popular is not read like a good book worm but to dress up as your favourite character from that book or film and before you can say "And my Axe!", you got a whole lot of LOTR cosplay action going on.

Below we have a cosplay version of Aragorn or The King of Narnia. I forget which one he is. To his left is Arwen or some sexy elvish hooker that he's picked up on his way back from a hard day's work fighting Ringwraiths and the like that may be found on the outskirts of the Shire.

Aragorn and his Missus

Above is a very pretty elf, this cosplayer could be trying to be Arwen or some other elvish creature but I'm sure you'll agree she's done a pretty good job with her costume.

You shall not pass!
If one had to some up Lord of the Rings in one word, it would not be hobbits. It would not be the Fellowship.  It would be Gandalf. Cos he's like the coolest wizard in the history of wizardry. So why not dress as him for some cosplay adventure?

And here's the most menacing of all the LOTR characters, a ringwraith. Ooooh Scary. 

May 24, 2011

Sexy Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Girls

Gee I love being a Turtle!
Maybe these sexy girls were on their way to the Sevens tournament but no matter they tell you, these girls are smoking hot in their cosplay of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Cowbunga Girls! Clearly these ladies are not true Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as it would appear they refuse to eat Pizza. Or anything else apparently.

Star Trek Cosplay Babes Pictures

Star Trek. They say it  is the final frontier, where men go where men have never gone before. Well every cosplayer goes to Star Trek at sometime in their lives. Look at babe Bianca Beauchamp above doing her best red shirt impersonation, between this and her Supergirl picture, she's got the sci-fi icons covered.

The rest of us, have to make do with putting on the blue body paint and pointy ears as we strive to dress up as out favourite Star Trek characters...

When I'm feeling blue....
When I'm feeling green....

Did you just shoot me in the boob? Hey you're a red shirt, you're supposed to get shot!

These guys are definitely not star trek babes doing cos play. I've put them in here to soften you up for the babelicious Seven From Nine: Jeri Ryan, eat your heart out. Oh wait. That's not right...

Seven from Nine
Space Cadets

It aint easy being a green babe cosplayer....

A white Uhura? Wonders will never cease in the cosplay universe.

Want to see more awesome cos play pictures? Check out these nude star trek fans riding bikes.....

May 22, 2011

Captain America Cosplay Pictures

The adaptation of the Captain America comic to the silver screen is possibly going to be one of the most epic translations from one media to another since Superman in the late 70s. I mean this in the sense the Captain America by his very name embodies the 'American Identity' as much as Superman ever did - so film director Joe Johnston has a lot of pressure on him but he's had hit movies before so fingers crossed eh?

Anyways, I ramble to much. Here's some cosplay pictures of fans of the Captain dressing up as their hero. I think the one of the young kid is bloody cute!

Red Skull  looks pretty calm, yes?
Captain Cute of America
God Bless the USA - Cheer Leaders for Captain America who may have made an appearance

Captain America and his girlfriend , Jean Gray.
Captain America can save the nation and be sexy at the same time
Here's a Captain America made of cardboard doing his bit for the planet. Don't confuse him with Captain Planet. 

To finish off, here's a picture of two Captain Americas - these chaps were at the Wellington Sevens Rugby Tournament - it's basically a massive weekend where everyone dresses up in their favorite costumes. My favourite is of course these Optimus Prime costume outfits.

May 16, 2011

Cosplay Twins. Or Two Leias Making Out

Two Leias making out
What's better than one awesome cosplay costume? Two awesome cosplay costumes! Check out these photo's of twins doing their best cosplay of their favourite characters. Usually we leave the best till last, but today we just had to bring you this above picture of two hot Princess Leias making out.  Heck we could probably end this post there but we'll continue for the sake of completion...

Here's two sexy warcraft babes, doing their best twins impersonation for us:

Obviously, Princess Leia is hot so two twin Princess Leia's in bikinis washing a car must be doubly hot right?

Double Leia
 I know what you're thinking about this next picture. They're not twins! No, but they are both booth babes for Duke Nukem and they are both wearing white shirts so I say close enough...

Next up is some Wonder Woman twins. You can tell they are cosplay twins as they are exactly the same height...

Oh look! more cosplay elf twins! This time with sexy blue hair for all the Avatar fans out there.