April 15, 2011

Top 10 Worst Cos Play Costumes Fails

Top 10 Worst Cos Play Costumes Fails Ever

To regular readers it may seem all I ever do these days is post hot pictures of Power Girl  cos players or a sexy Starfire, nude Mass Effect girls, Super girl or maybe a well toned Wonderwoman but it's not all sexy woman here at Gears of Halo. To know what's good, we have to know what's bad. So heres the worst cos play photos I could find.

I was in two minds about this post actually in that some of the people here are just honest good folk, being earnest in their endeavours and possibly are ridiculed for that. But then I thought - If you are posing for a photo then, in the internet age, your cos play fail is simply going straight to the internet:

Princess Leia in full costume

Super Girl and Super Lara Croft

You must have seen this Spiderman in your inbox like 12 times right?

Sad face Optimus Prime. Bless
Some kind of Russel Brand gone wrong?

Venom ate all the pies

Flash in the pan

Hello Kitty

Silver Surfer Fail

Severely Depressed Wolverine Cosplay Fail

R2D2 Fail

I'm not even sure this mankini is cosplay? Whatever: FAIL

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