April 7, 2011

Sexy Power Girl Cosplay Outfits

power girl breasts cosplay costume

Power Girl. 

Kara Zor-L.

Karen Starr. 

By whatever name your know the first cousin of Kal-L as, there's little doubt you will always know her by her white costume and big boobs. There I said it. Now that I've got the breast stuff out of the way, here's the best cos play action I could find of Power Girl. For some reason she's a very popular cos play choice for the convention rounds, Wondercon being no exception... off course Princess Leia is still the ultimate cos play choice.... well I'm not so sure after seeing the pictures below.

First if all, check out this actual comic pose of Power Girl - so you can see what all the girls below have modelled themselves on!

We have to start this off with a super combo of Power Girl and Wonderman because we need to start with a bang right?

wonder woman cosplay with Power Girl

Here's a fiesty Power Girl showing what the Spice Girls would have been sure to describe as Girl Power - our heroine beating the crap out of a very bored Aqua Man. He lives in the ocean apparently...

power girl hitting aquaman
It's all power poses for this cosplayer.. Simply wondrous and round. I'm talking about the guy on the left smiling. What you thinking about?

Here's a pretty popular cos play photo of Power Girl. If this was some king of judging contest I'd give it the title of Breast In Show. But that would be sexist, and we can cannot condone that kind of behavior. Really.

power girl breasts cosplay PG

This next Power Girl image is interesting. She's either singing her heart out to Britney Spear's Hit Me Baby, having some difficult pregnancy pains, auditioning for a part in a porn film, or is very worried about something that happened on Earth Two. What do you think dear reader?

Here's an apparently coy Power Girl. I mean why else is she posing like that. Uncomfortable heels?

Nothing like the original?
Weighing in at a sexy DD breast size, Power Girl!

power girl posing with raised arms

Back to an earlier version of this cos player doing her breast impression of Power Girl. This time back at her apartment. As if she would ever invite you back there!

wonderous power girl cosplay costume

To wrap up all this sexy cos play action, we're going back to the beginning of this essay, Power Girl and Wonder Woman, strutting their stuff for the world to see. In next to nothing of course:

power girl wonderwoman
Is that a belt Wonder Woman is wearing?
cute cospayer as power girl

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