March 19, 2011

Ivy Valentine Cos Play from Soul Calibur

Ivy Valentine
"Debuted at DragonCon 2008. The Soul Calibur group ended up backing out on me, but I did it anyway." So says the voluptuous cosplayer, BelleChere on the Game Informer cos blog. Well bless you Bellechere because you make for one sexy Ivy Valentine!

Bellechere says about her cos play choice "I've always loved Ivy. She's curvy, she's confident, has a delicious British accent, and I'm a sucker for characters with silver hair."

If you are wondering how this cos player did in getting the sexy Ivy from game to an in real life version, check out this screenshot from Soul Calibur:

Want more sexy cos players? Check out the babes from Pax.

March 16, 2011

High Charity from Bungie?

So wise watchers have noticed that the greatest game developer in the history of the universe, Bungie have filed a trademark application for what is going to be called the 'Bungie Foundation'.

The page where the trademark is listed suggests the Bungie Foundation will be "Providing grants to charitable, arts, non-profit, and community organizations".

It appears Bungie quietly slipped the new logo into a Hockey arena too.... possibly a deliberate plant?

We heart you too Bungie.

Extra for Experts: Bungie Aerospace

March 12, 2011

Penny Arcade Expo 2011: Pax Cosplayers

Don't mess with these three ladies!
What a great weekend this has been for cosplayers attending the Penny Arcade Expo, or Pax as the l33t like to call it. Here's another round of awesome costumes designed by the fans, taken from their favourite games and films:


Guitar heroes
Dragon cosplayers
Crisom Bonnie and and Clyde

Starwars bounty hunter?
So even if the game announcements at Pax didn't blow anyone away (bring on Bungie at E3?) it's great to see so many fans running with the day and dressing up as their favourite game icons. Want more? Check out these sexy cos play babes and this sexy batgirl.

March 11, 2011

Morrigan Cosplay Pax 2011

morrigan cosplay

I know I've gone cos play crazy today but Pax has a lot to offer. I thought this Morrigan combination was just, to paraphrase, Charlie Sheen, #winning.

sexy morrigan costume play
Ever dance with the Streetfighter in the pale moon light?
Simply the breast best

Penny Arcade Expo Cos Play: The Sexy Girls Edition

Why so happy?
Let's face it, one of the reason we love costume play is we get to see beautiful women dress up as our favourite sexy character characters. See the above batgirl / joker combo above. You cannot complain can you?

These costume pictures are of hotties from the 2011 Penny Acarde Expo, commonly known to many simply as PAX. Some are fans dressed up, others are paid to promote games and are often referred to as 'booth babes'.

Smile for the camera!

Stop staring.
Purple Bikini mayhem is about to visit you.
What would the wolf say about this Red Riding Hood / Batgirl?
Let God Sort 'Em Out
Can you fix it?

What's your Creed?
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March 6, 2011

Gears 3 to have Easter Eggs

At the recent Game Developers Conference two things happened. Bungie's David Aldridge made a bad joke about their new  game being 'massive' and the news spread like wildfire that Bungie's game was an MMO. The other slightly interesting thing was Cliff Bleszinski had this too say about the new Gears game:

"The second after Bulletstorm came out, the front page of Kotaku and all these [gaming] websites was the Red Ring Of Death secret. That's your hidden X-factor to extend the launch of the game. So now I'm running into our office like, 'Dude. Easter Eggs, Easter Eggs. Pack 'em in, pack 'em deep."

OK it's hardly big news, but it's a slow news day at Gears of Halo.

So let the speculation begin, what kinds of things will Cliffy B and the rest of the Gears game developers throw in to the mix. While they be eggs that refer to the game itself or will they be crazy shit like what Bungie do such as throwing a secret disco into a level of Reach?

March 3, 2011

One Leia to Rule them all

One Leia to rule them all
Princess Leia was the cute yet sassy herione of the original Star Wars movie. She became battle hardened  during Empire Strikes back and became a bad ass babe in Return of the Jedi, most notablly for strangling the behomth sized Jabba the Hutt whilst wearing a gold metal bikini.

THAT bikini has gone on to become one of the most recogniseable elements of the Star Wars franchise and has spawned a million imitators, all trying to recapture the complete sex appeal that Carrie Fisher's Leia oozed.

Check out these cos play images of all the Star Wars fans around the world doing their best to emmulate Princess Leia. I do wonder how many women in these pictures are actual Star Wars fans or rather are wearing the sexy bikini so that they will be the subject of a lot of attention.... you be the judge.

One Princess Leia Costume...

Two Princess Leia Costumes...

Three Princess Leia Costumes...

Too many Princess Leia costumes! You know how a group of lions is called a pride, surely there is an equivalent name for when so many people put on metal bikinis and dress up as Leia? No doubt they are cos play queens but should they called a Plethora of Princesses?

I think this Leia in the front is using Jedi mind tricks on me. Either way, does that warrior princess on the right look just a little bit like Natalie Portman who played Queen Amidala in a movie no one really talks about anymore?

Above: A Holy Trinity of Leias in their golden bikinis

We'd now like to take you full circle where all this bikini action began, to the planet Tatooine where Carrie Fisher and her body double (woah, what ever happened to her!?) were snapped sunning themselves in between takes for Return of the Jedi. Yep, Ms Fisher had it both on and off screen...

March 2, 2011

Star Trek Fans Nude Bike Ride WTF?

boobs on bikes
Boobs on bikes?

I'm not actually sure what's going on here but I think some Star Trek fans got their freak on for a nude bike ride - and to protect their modesty they decided to cover up all their dangly bits with body paint. So, Gears of Halo finally descends to the lowest rung of the ladder and brings you some nude Star Trek Fans. Crickey, we may as well star a porn site and be done with all this malarkey. 

Actually we may have got the bottom of the ladder earlier when we posted some pictures of body painted Mass Effect girls but we tried to redeem ourselves with the post about Sexy Cosplay Girls. Whatever, you be the judge ok? 

March 1, 2011

Sexy Cos play costume pictures because sex sells.

I've said it a million times, sex sells so that's why Gears of Halo is going to the lowest common demominator it can think of and bringing you some sexy cos play pictures of woman dressing up as their favourite gaming character. I'm sure X-Men's curvy Mystique has been in a video game somewhere so she's first up as the lady everyone has to beat:

Not much mystique left to the imagination here...

Lara Croft from Tomb Raider was perhaps the first female gaming character to go truly global and she's spawned a fair few imitators, Angeline Jolie among them but here's a junglelicious picture:
Lara Croft in a tree doing her cos play thing
A more recent popular character with assets as big as Lara's is Bayonetta. The game was almost a surprise hit but then when you give a character like Bayonetta a kickass legs it's no wonder every gaming girl want's to dress up like her and flaunt it:

But if you'd rather get your cosplay kicks from outer space, look no further than Mass Effect's Miranda Lawson. A very popular conquest of Commander Sheppard, Miranda has had much cosplay love from her earth bound friends:

cosplay costume mass effect miranda

Another popular figure from the Mass Effect game was Samara. A distant cousin of the Smurfs, her in game assets proved very popular with the fan boys. Here's a pretty sweet picture of Samara in cos play form:

Of course, the queen of cosplay is probably Halo's Cortana. People are always searching for pictures of her nude. But here's a more wholesome costumed Cortana that you could take home to your mother:

You possibly might not want to take this next girl home to your mother. She's a bit of a dark horse. OK I lied, I'm sure your mother would love it if you brought home a hot blonde girl dressed like Supergirl. The very definition of wholesome. Yes?

You've got me? The who's got you?!

Maybe Supergirl doesn't do it for you? Maybe you need Iron Lady to get your Warhammer going, if you know what I mean dear reader? Look she has her palms open, thats body language for friendship...

But the best things in life are soft, cute and cuddly so why not combine those elements into the ultimate cos play costume and turn up to your favourite comic convention dressed as the lovable Pikachu from the Pokemon series? We think this costume gives the Mystique picture a run for it's money, despite the lack of nudity. Bless you Comic Con, bless you:

sexy picachu girl

Bayonetta Cos Play Pictures

After we bought you the ever popular Mass Effect cosplay page, we thought it would be rude if we didn't include some of the IT girl of the Xbox world, Bayonetta:

A popular character simply because she is a hot bad ass bitch, she's become a regular on the cos play circut. Check out these pictures of her fans, dressing up as her and sharing the kick ass:

Starring down the barrel

You can call me miss!

Meet Parsely and Sage

Mss Bayonetta Sucking on a lollypop
 Extra for Experts:

Check out these body painted Mass Effect girls