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One of these chaps may be Jimmy Jangles
Post Game Lobby is gaming site run by myself, James Ryan (Jimmy Jangles). It's devoted to discussion about my favourite Xbox video games. This means there will be a lot of attention to Halo, Gears of War and Mass Effect. Not to forget Bungie's Destiny.

That said, PGL will talk about anything in the video game realm that's of interest. 

Spoilers will be published, so you've been warned.

Boring stuff follows:


I love gaming and I love doing this gaming blog so I figured why don't I see if I can get some reward for my efforts. Thus, Post Game Lobby often will feature advertising in two forms. The obvious is the advertising blocks around the page. The second is 'in post links' to the Amazon store. 


Post Game Lobby does not wish to stand on any one's toes - toes are precious!

Accordingly, you are advised that all pictures, characters, logos, slogans and the like are probably copyright by some very important people. There might even be a few trademarks in there too. 

The use of this material should be for private research or study only. I consider all the material in this site is used on a fair use and 'fair dealing' basis. For instance Microsoft allows a lot of leeway with game related content regards Halo or offers material for use via their Press Kit pages.

If any rights holder has concerns, you should feel free to reach out to me via the Contact page.

Post Game Lobby has no affiliation with any game publisher, distributor, or Dustin Hoffman or George Lucas

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