October 12, 2017

The Space Ships of Destiny as concept art


Here's the concept art of the space ships that have been released thus far for Bungie's Destiny.

I'd stress this is just design work, designs and looks and sizes will probably change by the time the game is released.

Given, I think,  Destiny will feature 7 interplanetary destinations, the Guardians are gonna need some pretty cool ships...

A derelict ship, just waiting to be boarded and looted?

Pretty classic Sci Fi look...

What does this Armada of Pyraminds portent?

Space Hangar

space battle destiny
That's no moon...

A busy hangar on Earth?

The sky's the limit

A kind of space station?

And of course, the Traveller, him or herself

Adrian Majkrzak's Destiny Concept Art

awoken concept destiny

Adrian Majkrzak has released some of the concept design work that he did for Bungie's Destiny. 

ghost concept art destiny
cabal destiny concept art
cabla drop ship art destiny
Drop Ship

destiny space ship -concept

Want more pictures? Check out the Destiny design that Dorje Bellbook did.

July 18, 2017

Out with the old, in with the old - Casey Hudson is back at Bioware

The GM of Bioware Edmonton Aaryn Flynn has decided to move on and Casey Hudson is returning like the proverbial prodigal son to fill the GM role.

Here's the official word:

After 17 years with BioWare, today I announced that I’ll be leaving the studio at the end of July, and that Casey Hudson is returning to Edmonton to take on the role of General Manager for BioWare.

I joined BioWare in Edmonton right out of University. I was privileged to get a chance to join a group of people working on the coolest, most creative things I could imagine. Growing up at BioWare, the events in my life are intimately intertwined with events at the studio. I got married just after we finished Neverwinter Nights. My first son was born while we were wrapping up Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, while my second son was born right after Jade Empire.

From my first day until now, I have learned much, met great colleagues and friends, and got the chance to help give players some truly incredible experiences. Every time I think I’ve found a favourite game making experience, we start something new and somehow find fun and satisfaction in the new challenges.

I have been contemplating changes in my own life for some time, but when I heard that Casey had confirmed he was up for the task, I realized the opportunities before us. I will be working with him over the next couple of weeks to help catch him up and do my part to set him up for success to be the best GM he can be.

In closing, let me thank our players for everything they’ve given us over these many years, and to say from the bottom of my heart how important you are to me and the rest of BioWare. I have gone to work every day knowing that I am fortunate to have all of the opportunities I have had at BioWare because of you. Doing whatever I could to help our developers create some of the best games in the industry for you all has been the most humbling experience of my life. Now, I’ll be playing BioWare’s games in the future from an exciting new perspective – yours



Hudson left after a brilliant turn with Bioware but eventually left with a big black mark against his name for the much maligned ending of Mass Effect 3.

We know he's good but hope he's learned the art of consultation...

July 12, 2017

This Peebee cosplayer looks better than the in game version!

A keen group of cosplayers got together to form Ryder's squad from Mass Effect Andromeda and the team did an amazing job.

Their version of Peebee is amazing and arguably looks even better than the in-game version of the Asari character!

peebee cosplay costume masseffect

We love that shadow across the face, it gives Peebee a more serious tone that she generally exhibits in game! Have you played it? It's a lot of fun, despite some poor press.

Check out more of this cosplay 'Twin Flame Fabrications' on their Facebook page.

July 6, 2017

Ironman's Ironettes take off like a rocket

ironman rockettes
Ironman and the Ironettes
The Japanese have a lot to answer for.

Panties from vending machines for example.

But we'll let everything slide because the Japan 2011 Comic Con has given us this wonderful dance demonstration by the Iron Man's Ironettes. Basically it's an excuse for a whole lot of exy women to run around in red bikinis exalting the big Iron fella's glories.

We'll take your sexism Japan, thanks.

How many dudes you know roll like this? Not many, if any

Turns out the Ironettes from Ironman 2 movie have inspired a whole legion of sexy girls to dress up as Tony Stark's personal cheer leaders and show the love:

Is that Ironette on the left your sister bro?

ironman girls in bikinis
Ass you were ladies

Cosplay loving Ironettes
team of iron man girls
Cheers Tony!

Is this the sexiest Cortana cosplay ever?

Is this the sexiest Cortana cosplay ever?

This might just be the sexiest cos play effort to emulate the beauty of Halo's Cortana ever....

Some crazy scary Bioshock cosplay pictures

The Bioshock series of games has given cosplay fans the opportunity to dress as several of the characters found in the game. The clear winning cosplay choice is adorning a Big Daddy costume or a Little Sister dress. Those girls in game were pretty evil but turned out to be sweet little dears in the end.... right?

Adrianne Curry as Christie from Tekken Cosplay

Adrianne as Christie from tekken
Adrianne as Christie

Adrianne Curry cosplay as Christie from Tekken 

You might have heard that Top Model, Adrianne Curry loves her cosplay - she's upped the anti in the costume stakes this week with a near nude Christine from Tekken outfit.

adrianne curry as christie from tekken
Curry as Christie
That bikini reminds me of a certain gold bikini Ms Curry has been known to wear from time to time.... remember when she beat down Jar Jar Binks?

Tramp stamp of the week?


Is this the tramp stamp of the week or a great UNSC Halo tattoo?

Where's the Flood at?

master chief cosplay with shotgun

This an awesome cosplay photo of the Master Chief.

Where's The Flood at, I need some target practice... 

May 28, 2017

My wife made a nice find at the supermarket!

My wife made a nice find at the supermarket. Not that she understood why it had to be shared with Halo fans.... she thought it was some kind of trick to market to people...

117 pumpkin halo master chief

The 1.17 was the price of the pumpkin. It reminds me of the time I spied this similarly numbered 117 license plate....

May 23, 2017

Destiny 2 is the real deal that the original Destiny wanted to be

the traveller of destiny 2

I caught the the Destiny 2 gameplay trailer today and I pre-ordered the game straight moments after.

I have never ever pre-ordered a game after watching a trailer.

And that's truth.

But I was simply impressed by how comprehensive this game felt.

Destiny 2 appears to be the game that the original Destiny game so desperately wanted to be but took 2 years to be fully realised by the Bungie crew.

Check it out the game play video:

The lessons of Destiny  have been learned. Bungie has listened and honed their ideas. They came good with the last couple of rounds of DLC.

I'm firmly of the hopeful view Destiny 2 is going to be the real deal and that for the Holy love of Oprah Winfrey, this game will have compelling campaign!

Can't wait until the Beta!

Speaking of the Beta, if you pre-order the game on Amazon, you can get into the Beta early.

Game on Bungie, game on.

May 14, 2017

Star Wars references in the Mass Effect trilogy

miranda and yoda

Star Wars references in Mass Effect

During my Mass Effect 3 run through I noticed a sweet Star Wars reference and thought it might be a good idea for a post so here's what I've found and what other kinds of easter eggs and reverential nods people have found in the campaign of the three games in the series.

The Original Game
  • There are several instances of "I have a bad feeling about this."  being uttered.
  • The Krogan Wrex say's "It's a trap" after being ambushed by Geth, being the classic line uttered by Admiral Ackbar in Return of the Jedi.
  • Upon seeing the Sovereign, the line "Look at the size...", is dropped, a probable reference to A New Hope when Luke sees the Death Star for the first time.
Mass Effect 2
  • Miranda's loyalty takes leads you to docking bay 94, which is the same number for the docking bay the Millennium Falcon was found in A New Hope.
Mass Effect 3
  • When Sheppard helps the Cerberus scientists escape the line "The first transport is away.." is uttered and is a reference to the Rebels escaping the planet Hoth. In fact the whole scene is a homage.
  • A lot of the characters that can be found in the Docks on the Citidel have the costumes and colours that appear to be inspired by the Star Wars universe - such as the orange jump suit Luke Skywalker wears in Empire Strikes Back.
  • If you look at the Rachi ravagers (the ones with sacs) side on, they kind of look like those Droideka robots that 'roll' around in The Phantom Menace, kinda:

And if you liked all that, why don't you check out some Star Wars cosplay or just skip to Leia in a bikini...or read these lines by Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens.

Ashley Williams cosplay from Mass Effect


Fan cosplay of Ashley Williams from Mass Effect

Mass Effect fans will surely appreciate this fantastic version of Ashley Williams from Mass Effect. Nice work! If you want to see more ME cosplay, check out this ultimate Mass Effect cosplay page.

Is this the best ever Star Wars cosplay?

best ever star wars cosplay

Star Wars is a world that's just ripe for cosplay. There's your Bobba Fett freaks. There's your iconic Princess Leias wearing golden bikinis and we always appreciate a sexy storm trooper getting felt up by Darth Vader.  Your Star Wars fails are amusing enough and we really like it when the Jedi and Sith make their peace.

But this photo is the best Star Wars cosplay we've have ever seen. It's a beautiful homage to a beloved set of characters done with a mood of, this us, we're doing it like this and if you don't like it, go back to your cave, troll!

We love the R2D2 - it's like Jack Black as his own prom date. C3PO looks pretty grand and as for Han Solo, never have we seen her look so sexy...