April 5, 2020

Dorje Bellbrook's Destiny concept art designs

Destiny hive catacombs concept art
Where the Hive live
If you’ve played Bungie’s Destiny, you’ll know how beautifully designed it is. From rocks on the moon to the tapestry of design that can be found in the darkest Hive catacombs, Destiny is a visual feast of design. But to get there, Bungie had to know what it’s designers and artists were going to make.

conceptual mock up destiny

This is where the concept art comes to the fore – the development at this stage has a crucial effect on what the game environments end up looking like (and also determining the ‘feel’ of a cave, castle or common room).

venus conccept art destiny
Venus bridge
So it’s no surprise Bungie through concept designer Dorje Bellbook a bone and asked him to get involved. Here’s some of the design work that Bellbook did – you can see how influential his works turned out to be.

catacombs destiny art
Where the wild things are...
moon destiny design art
M-O-N spells MOON
Warp Gate concept art destiny game
Venus Warp Gate

Of course, the design work was not left all up to Dorje, check out these other pieces of artwork.

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