July 27, 2014

Halo references found in Destiny

It was Halo ODST which featured the first known reference to Destiny as a game in the form of a poster which suggested that 'Destiny Awaits'. Now everything has come full circle and the world of Destiny is not short on references and Easter eggs to the video game that made Bungie famous, being Halo.

Bungie have said that given they don't own Halo any more, it would be hard to do the eggs, however I think with a wink and a nod, they've got a few into the game.

References to Halo found in Destiny

The Divide region on Earth features rusted tanks that look suspiciously like Scorpions from Halo.

Loose references and affiliations

Nathan Fillion plays Cayde-6. Fillion featured in ODST as well.

The Master Chief makes an appearance as a building:

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