January 30, 2013

Mother knows best

I stopped using a mike when playing video games a couple of years ago because I got sick of hearing all the abuse that goes on with online gaming. There's only so many 14 year old Australian teenagers one can listen to going on about their sexual prowess regards my mother.

So it was with some glee I spied this on 9gag.

Not sure if this MsRebbecaBlack is the real name or if this is real as this account has no gamerscore...

This 84 year old Halo player is why Halo is awesome

I think this 84 year old Halo player has more fun than most gamers!

January 28, 2013

More ML3 DLC in the works?

mass effect dlc casino

Casey Hudson, the guy who wrote the troubled ending to Mass Effect 3, is still overseeing operations for the game and this week tweeted a tease that suggests new DLC for ME2 is on the way. His tweet said:


Fellow Bioware colleague Michael Gambol also tweeted a picture of an energetic Krogan....

So by my count this is the third piece of DLC excluding the extended cut ending - I'm just not interested in DLC for this particular game given the ending of the main game itself  - I personally see no point in playing an additional chapter if my character died already.....

What do you think about ME3 DLC? To paraphrase the band Incubus, are you in?

January 24, 2013

You may be a Halo camper if…

camping halo

Campers get a bad name in Halo and other video games. I have no idea why, I think it's a legitimate strategy...

You may be a  Halo camper if…
  • The Incineration Cannon is your favourite weapon because of its above average marshmallow roasting capabilities. 
  • Your preferred Ordnance Drop consists of a tent, sleeping bag and portable stove. 
  • You think DMR stands for “Doesn’t Matter, Really”. Because with way you play the game, it doesn't, really. 
  • The crouch button is always the first button to get worn out on your controller. 
  • You have more Base and Flag Defense medals than all your friends combined. 
  • You wish “stationary” was a selectable status on Facebook. 
  • You think Active Camo should be buffed. 
  • You’re offended when people call it a legit strategy because it’s more than that. It’s an entire way of life.
  • When anybody asks how your last game went, you say, “It was 'in tents'” and then laugh hysterically. 
  • You read this entire list while you were mid-game, and your position still hasn’t been discovered.
As found at Halo Waypoint

January 10, 2013

Bungie site is revamped

Bungie has done a revamp of their website - seemingly in preparation for using it as a vehicle to promote Destiny. They've said the site is in beta - so go break it!

A cool change is that you can now sign in with your Facebook, Microsoft, Google or Playstation account. That last point is another indication that the as yet unofficially announced game with be a cross platform entity.

Bioshock's Lead Writer spills on the new game

1UP has a pretty sweet interview with Bioshock Infinite's lead writer, Drew Holmes. He's chats freely about the game, here's some of the choice bits from the interview.


1UP: How long have you been with the project? Have you been with BioShock since the start?

Drew Holmes: I started back in March. I came from Volition. They gave me a call and they said, "Hey, do you want to come check out the game?" Because Ken [Levine] was... I think he quickly realized that the scope of Infinite, especially from a writing standpoint, was going to be so much larger than BioShock. The Boardwalk level of the game... That script alone is two to three times the size of all of BioShock. As you start to get into the world and explore it... Just having a fully living world this time around, a place that's not dead... We had to populate that. We got a pretty sizable writing team. There's Ken. There's myself. We had Jordan Thomas, who worked on BioShock and BioShock 2. He's at 2K Marin. He came in to help flesh out that story. Joe Fielder, too. It's been a massive undertaking. The script is just hundreds and hundreds of pages long. It's huge.

1UP: You said you wanted the world to be "living." The part that I've played so far, the first hour and a half or so... There are a lot more people. You're not behind glass walls. But it still feels like you're separate from them. They're all doing their own thing. Does that change later in the game? Do people have more interactive incidents?

DH: When you first get into Columbia, I think we wanted to set the tone of... Booker is still feeling his way around the city. It helps to make you feel a little bit more like an outsider. The people of Columbia are there to give background on the city and the beliefs of Comstock and his founders. It helps people immerse themselves in the mythology of the world. Then, as you progress through the game, you'll meet new characters that will crop up and you'll have interactions with them.

1UP: Having come in to the game some time this year, how much of it -- the plot overall, the story, the main, core dialogue -- was set in stone? How much influence have you had, or what kind of role have you had with that part of the game?

DH: My role has really been to help get a lot of the scenes done. When I came on board, the world was there, obviously. Columbia has been around a long time. The main characters were there. A lot of the plot was there. Ken knew where he wanted it to go. It was just a matter of, "Okay, let's actually start putting words on the page and getting stuff recorded."

One of the really cool things about Irrational is the level of iteration that happens. Good writing is always about rewriting. I think Ken, being a writer first and foremost, understands that the way to make great art is to continually iterate on it. The way that Irrational tells their stories, through first-person environments with no cutscenes, helps sort of. You want to keep that immersive quality. You're not having to lock yourself into cinematics that have to be done months and months in advance. It allows the story to be more flexible, and it allows you to tweak and make significant changes a lot later than in other games.

January 9, 2013

How MS Points are a rip off in New Zealand!

So it was my birfday recently and Xbox Live Rewards sent me an email saying Happy birthday and here’s 20 MS points! Sweet! I thought. That’s really cool. I feel truly loved by Microsoft Corporation.

And then I thought, what’s that in dollar terms?

So in New Zealand, 500 Microsoft points costs $8.25 which means my birthday gift was princely value of 33 cents. Which is basically the cheapest birthday gift any body has ever given me. Thanks Steve Ballmer, you sure know how to make a xbox game feel special….

And then I thought to myself, what can I buy with 20 MS points? What if I wanted to by the Halo 3 Crimson Map Pack? That costs 800 points so with my birthday points I can buy 2.5 percent of that.

I can also buy one quarter of the Halo 4 Logo Tshirt avatar. Actually, the cheapest Halo related thing I could find on XBL was 80 MS points.

The cynic in me says that this birthday gift was just a cheeky way to get me to buy more MS points so I would actually buy DLC and what not. Nice try there Microsoft, I see what you did.

I imagine a ‘spokesperson for Xbox Live Rewards’ might  respond to that by saying something like, “this gift of points was just a token from us to acknowledge the member’s birthday. Greater use of the XBL rewards system will er.. reward members with more points which can be used to redeem a set of useless avatars that no one cares about”. Or sum such thing.

But it gets worse. 

In the United States, home of the Xbox, the Yankees and  Pee Wee Herman, 80 MS points are equal to US$1. Which means result, an 800 point DLC such as the Crimson Map Pack would retail for US$10.

What’s the comparison to New Zealand? Well if 500 Microsoft points costs $8.25 that means a point = 1.64 cents so 800 points = $13.20.  And according to the ap on my iphone the currency conversion to USA $ value is $11.016 which means if I am in NZ, I appear to be paying a premium of 10 percent just because I live in NZ than America to buy some Halo DLC content. 

Thanks Steve, you sure know how to make a xbox gamer feel special….

While I was at the Xbox site working out the prices of points, I saw I could earn 20MS  points if I did a quick survey. Well it was quick and I lied about everything. Even my age. Take that Steve, you should have made me feel special. 

January 3, 2013

Female cosplay versions of Wolverine from X-Men

female wolverine cosplay with big breasts

If you have only a passing knowledge of the X-Men, the one thing you'll probably know is that Wolverine is the best of the best when it comes to the X-Men fraternity. There's a reason why wolverine was the central character of all those movies so it's totally understandable that all the cosplay babes out there want to take a turn at doing their own sexy versions of Wolverine.

 Say what you like about them but be nice as those blades appear to be pretty darn sharp!

PGL's Top 7 Posts for 2012

PGL's Top 7 Posts for 2012

The Post Game Lobby has only been in existence for a short while so instead of a top ten posts for the year list, it's se7en. Go figure.

Here's to have an awesome gaming year for 2013 - Destiny awaits after all....

January 2, 2013

Lady Loki Cosplay from Avengers

What if Thor's evil brother Loki was a female? 

How would the comics and Avengers movies turned out?

 To help with your imaginations, check out this cosplay of Marvel supervillain Loki in the form of the beautiful, Lady Loki.

lady loki cosplay

January 1, 2013

Is this the cosplay picture of the year?

The Love Children of Hugh Hefner and Stan Lee?
Comic Con. It's where all the action happens - so why should any one be surprised that this year's best cosplay photo came from that event? Here's the Avenger's playboy bunnies doing a roll call.

Featuring Miss Captain America, She Hulk, Mrs B. Widow, Madam Hawke Eye, Ms Thor a cheeky Mrs Tony Stark and a not so evil looking Lady Loki, these girls sure surely have been welcome at any party that Hugh Hefner would have thrown in his glorious hey day!

Here's a nice photo of Ms Thor:


Image credit goes to one sebastian.jespersen who grabbed the shot of the girls at the July Comic Con.