December 22, 2013

What is the Tower in Destiny?

The Tower concept art Destiny
The Tower's hangar bay. 
The Tower

Surely a name inspired by Steven King's Dark Tower series after all that was a selection of novels that featured a gunslinger traversing world where magic is real...

But what is Destiny's Tower? It's not a place where Steven King goes to have a cup of tea and a lie down is it?

No, Chris Barret tells us what it is:

It is "the place where the heroes of the world go back to after their adventures. It is trying to capture the feeling of Earth’s Camelot where the knights come back to. Not everybody is up there. It’s mostly for Guardians. This feels like something humanity built to protect Earth. A watchtower mixed with a home."

Your Guardian will also be able to do a bit of shopping:

"You’ll have different vendors where you can browse bits of gear or new weapons or turn in some of the things you found. There are different districts in there that you’ll be able to visit that have different themes. The plaza is the meeting grounds where everybody first lands. Then you have offshoots with areas for the different classes to go to. The ideal is every time you’re done adventuring you come back here and kick up your boots and sell your stuff and hang out."

So, The Tower is basically like the Normandy from Mass Effect - it's where you can have conversations with other players, get your upgrades, refuel your jet, and actually maybe get that cup of tea after all!

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