October 26, 2013

Who are the Asaru?

This piece of concept art is currently on display at an exhibition  called "Ghosts in the Machine". It appears to feature a character from Destiny, seemingly named the Asaru.


Remember Bungie NEVER do anything by accident so to put this concept art of Asaru in a public art exhibition hosted by Ltd. Art Gallery is a deliberate move. If it's genuine Destiny lore, then it's a clever tactic to drum up some interest. If it's not, this is a great piece of mis-direction.

Does this keen Destiny fan may have an answer as to what are the Asaru? Or is this simply Lionman all over? I'm picking it is....

"Again, there's no guarantee that any of this concept art will make it into a Destiny game ever, but this appears to be a new enemy creature or faction onto itself. The concept art featured a bipedial armored creature beneath the words "ASARU" in red. It's not clear if it is a singular entity or if there is more of them. His armor is a sort of monotone blanched grey, with spikes poking out sparsely around the arms. His lower body wasn't nearly as detailed as his helmet, which was clearly the focus of the piece. The helmet had three horns, two swept back in the back like ears, and one thicker rounded one that came out of the front. The Asaru had no eyes, but he did have a mouth piece, the helmet sorta twisted around into jagged pieces that formed what seemed like a metal toothy maw, big teeth, it looked really sick and my words do not do it justice. Metal isn't quite a good word for it, because the armor almost seemed organic and almost clay like in places.

The most interesting part about the Asaru besides their helmet is the massive amounts of white-blue pipes that extend from his back and sides, which contrasted with his armor in both color and form. I talked very briefly with Ryan about the artwork, and he said that the Asaru was hooked up to a machine (which I presume is keeping it alive), and also I believe he said it was a pilot (the Asaru was not armed with any weapons, but then again concept art that is focusing on form wouldn't want weapons to confuse things)."

Ghosts in the Machine is probably a reference to this concept.

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