October 2, 2013

How to get the Destiny sound track for free

How to get the Destiny game sound track for free

Here's a hint, you can't but you can order it for a nice price from Amazon.

The Destiny soundtrack is one of the best parts of the game. Which is kind of what you expect from the song writing team of Michael Salvatori and Martin O Donnell who together produced much of the Halo sound tracks. Those monk from the Halo game? That's all O'Donnell's music genius.

The Destiny soundtrack is very different from that of Halo. In many ways it's quite understated but when you're up against some crazy Prime or beast from the deep of the Moon, the music swells to nigh on euphoric levels of excitement.

A hidden secret of Destiny's soundtrack is that a certain Beatle called Paul McCartney helped Martin write the theme song to Destiny and you can listen to it free on Youtube right now. It's called Hope for the Future. You can find it in game as well through the panels that you can find at the Citadel. It's kind of cheesy but if you give it a few listens it's not too bad a listen.

What are the best songs from Destiny?

If you want to listen to the best songs of Destiny's game and downloadable content, it's not an easy selection as there's quite a bit to choice from but Hivemind, The Last Array and Relics of Hope are our favourites.

Sadly, Bungie and Marty O'Donnell had a huge falling out and Marty was fired from Bungie. Given his marching orders by the Board, Marty sued them and won, getting what was owed to him.

While Bungie might do their best to demonstrate to the gaming community they are the good guys of the industry, the Board's treatment of the man that helped make them so rich and famous was disgusting, not to mention illegal. So, when you are listening to the music of Destiny, you could be forgiven for being a little wistful knowing that when Destiny 2 comes out, it will not have any new compositions from Marty.

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