October 22, 2013

Bungie want Neil Blomkamp to direct a Destiny movie.

destiny wall paper

Bungie’s Dave Dunn was recently chatting to Kotaku about the Halo movie and how it didn’t happen. But forget that for a moment – Dave Dunn publically hinted to Blomkamp to get in touch with them about doing a film version of Destiny.  Here’s what he said about D9 not being a Halo movie in the end:

“So less than being disappointed it wasn’t Halo, we were more excited someone let him do something and gave him the chance to create something. It was such a good movie.”

“And if he wants to come and talk about doing a Destiny thing? Well…”

While Dunn was probably saying this in jest, Bungie don’t actually say things without those things having some merit behind them….

“We like to do things that we think will add meaningful context to our fans experience of the game,” he explained. “So if it makes sense it makes sense, but it’s not something we’re actively pursuing. Me, personally, when I look at a lot of video game movies not many of them have added to the canon of the game’s universe.”

Which pretty much confirms Bungie don’t REALLY have an intention to make a Destiny movie. Never say never though….

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