September 12, 2013

Meet the Hand Cannon 'Duke MK 44'

duke mk 44 cannon weapon destiny

Bungie have let slip some news on the design of Destiny's hand cannon, the Duke MK 44, presumably to be referred to by gamers as simply the Duke.


Concept: Darren Bacon
3D Model: Rajeev Nattam

There will be battles in Destiny that cannot be won with a thundering rifle or an explosive rocket. More desperate moments will find you backed into a corner by ferocious squatters dead-set on evicting you from a haunt of our lost civilization that they’ve claimed as their own. When you find yourself up and close and personal with a hostile landlord, and you will, you’ll want a trusty hand-cannon by your side.

From the drafting tables of the weapon foundries of our last safe city comes a standard-issue revolver available to anyone brave enough to wield it. Submitted for your approval: the Duke MK.44. “This version of the popular model makes short work of combatants who underestimate its quick draw holo sight and hair trigger,” promises Art Lead Tom Doyle.

The Duke might not be exotic, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get some love from its owner. Like any gun in the FOTC arsenal, it can be customized over time to fit perfectly in the hand of the hero who brandishes it. “It’s a solid piece,” states Doyle. “This weapon is most commonly associated with newer Guardians who equip a sidearm in their primary loadout.”

The Duke MK.44 is not a weapon designed for silent stand-offs. When you unleash it from the confines of its holster, it will be time to dance. The quick will overcome the dead.

Disclaimer: Destiny is a work in progress!

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