September 24, 2013

Bungie’s Joe Staten has quit the company to 'tackle new creative challenges'.

Sometimes there’s a guy so cool that you just don’t want to meet just in case he isn’t actually cool. I think Bungie’s Joe Staten might be one of those guys. Not that he isn’t actually that cool, it’s that he’s that cool. Cool? Anyways, Joe is leaving Bungie. Cue the boos and hisses! 

Rumour has it he got fired for making Destiny too awesome. Or something. He’s actually leaving with a nice note from Bungie on their homepage.

Here’s State’s leaving note:

Dear community friends,

After fifteen great years at Bungie, from the battlefields of Myth to the mysteries of Halo and beyond, I'm leaving to tackle new creative challenges. While this may come as a surprise, fear not. It's been my pleasure building Destiny these past four years, and after the big reveal this Summer, our hugely talented team is on track for greatness. I'll be cheering all of them, with all of you, when the game launches next year. Thank you for your support of me, and your continued support of Bungie. We couldn't have done it without you.

Per Audacia Ad Astra!
Joseph Staten

What’s next on the horizon for Joe? Time will tell….

Some Bungie fans are already panicking and suggesting this spells disaster for Destiny:
  • "This is the first public sign that destiny not shipping till next year spells trouble for the game. 
  • "This doesn't make sense....Pursuing new creative challenges? Isn't Destiny a new creative challenge? Why would he leave before the release of Destiny? I'm very, very confused."
  • "When someone like Joseph Staten leaves I just feel really worried, can't help it".
I think everyone just needs to chill their wort. 15 years at any company, especially an IT company, is a very long time in the modern age. If there was bad blood, there wouldn't have been the shout out on the Bungie site and Staten wouldn't have said the words he said. 

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