August 28, 2013

Closing Time - a sniper rifle revealed

closing time rifle destiny

Straight from Bungie's Drawing Board:

“Carrying this gun is like wearing a badge of honor.”

Tom Doyle, Art Lead


Adrian Majkrzak
3D Model: David Stammel

There are weapons that speak to you. To look at them is to hear their stories echo through time. To see yourself stalking your prey through the ruins of a place that humanity used to call home, you need only clutch the grip with your fingers.

Closing Time was envisioned to be a weapon imbued with such stories. It wasn’t collected from a gun rack at the end of an assembly line. Someone loved it before they too were lost to the dust of our shattered civilization.

“It was owned by a group of survivalists operating on the new frontier,” Tom Doyle tells us. Like all Exotic weapons in Destiny, the Guardian who packs them on the mission will not be the original owner. These hunting tools are out there in the wild, waiting to be discovered and put back into service.

The details in the design of this old long barrel allude to untold adventures – just like the ones you’ll experience when you inherit it. New ways to create weapons for the heroes of Destiny have given us new elements we can use to illustrate this world. According to Doyle, the fabrication of this weapon used everything in the upgraded palette.

“Dave Stammel really wanted to push our new shader system with this weapon,” he muses. “We have as many different materials as possible on this asset: gunmetal, plasteel, wood, plastic, and ghillie netting. It showcases the rendering strength and diversity of our new engine.”

These are the nuances that will haunt your imagination between missions. What will be most important are those moments when this weapon is butted up against your shoulder. When the Cabal are in the crosshairs of Closing Time, and you’re about to put their lights out, the only story you’ll care about will be your own.

Disclaimer: Destiny is a work in progress!

This is just one weapon in an ongoing series in which we'll dig into the finer details of our upcoming first person action game, and explore how every element shapes the brave new world where your adventure will take place. All items, details, names, and pieces of random trivia are subject to change or eviction from the public house for poor behavior.

Check out the Gjallarhorn!

August 23, 2013

Fission Mailed - Bungies 404 Error gorrilla loves to drink and fly

Did you ever take a wrong turn at If not, you'll never have seen this awesome character! He's the 404 error not found gorrilla. It would appear he's been drinking hoppy beer so I guess we could be friends.

Fission Mailed got it's start in Metal Gear Solid and has become a catch cry for gamers. 

Meet Destiny's Gjallarhorn - an exotic rocket launcher

gjallarhorn rocket launcher destiny

Destiny's Art Lead Mr Tom Doyle has described the rocket launcher known by the name of  'Gjllarhorn' as being “Hulk Hogan’s belt in weaponized form.”. We think it looks a bit ostentatious for the battle field but what would we know?

Players involved:

Concept: Adrian Majkrzak
3D Model: Mark Van Haitsma

Bungie notes about the weapon:

Heroes rise and fall, before they pass into legend. Weapons that weather the test of time can earn equally bold reputations as they become hoisted by new warriors. To hear Tom Doyle talk about the Gjallarhorn, this rocket launcher sounds more like a trophy than a deliverer of explosive ordnance.

“This is the gilded weapon of a City Champion. It’s a very decorated Guardian weapon to say the least.” Doyle proceeds to describe what sounds more like an animal. “Feared and revered, with no attempt to be stealthy, it loudly announces its presence with a howl.”

What started off as a joke, ended up making a statement about our game. “The initial block model for Gjallarhorn was cool looking, but it was missing some detail that would make it shine in first person view.” 

After some brainstorming, and a catalyst that came from a concept long since lost to the chaos of the Bungie creative process, our designers envisioned a way to infuse this horn of destruction with a beastly spirit. 

“Mark just kept adding a wolf every day that he was working on the high resolution model.”

The end result is as ornate as it is deadly. “This Rocket launcher has the highest WPG count of any Bungie weapon ever,” Doyle states with a sly grin. “WPG, of course, is the ‘Wolves Per Gun’ statistic. I thought this concept said a lot about the world we are making, mainly the mythic elements of its fiction.”

August 22, 2013

Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc revealed at Gamescon 2013 - there's guns, lots of guns

Today we travel all the way to Cologne Germany Köln to Gamescon where people who develop games show of their wares so that people like you and me can be convinced to part with our cash.

Which is fine by me as I'm pretty sure I'll be giving Bungie my cash for years to come. So what Destiny related news came out of Gamescon 2013?

JUST THIS AWESOME VIDOC! Out Here in the Wild - Official Destiny ViDoc

Need more Destiny news?

Rumour has it that Destiny: Legend Edition will come with Fallen captain statue. Or maybe that's just a hyperbolic reaction to this awesome  video of the making of the Fallen statue that's on show at Gamescon:

August 21, 2013

What is The Fallen's language? How do I translate the text of the alphabet?

What is The Fallen's language? How do I translate the text of their alphabet into English?

This DBOTV video may shed some light. Watch from this time point.

Do you have the legs for this N7 assignment?

mass effect n7 leggings babe

If you've got the long legs required for these Mass Effect N7 leggings, you better head along to Black Milk Clothing and buy some*.

*We get nothing from this endorsement, we just think these pants are awesome. 

August 19, 2013

Jack from Mass Effect as a life size paper model

Ryan Taylor is clearly one massive Mass Effect fanboy as he has spent a fair few hours build a life-sized paper-craft model statue of the character Jack who was found in the two sequels to the original game. The PGL gives Ryan massive props for his prob:

If you were wondering about the image  of the various 'Jacks' above, there some design concepts for the Jack character - and due to some clever work by Bioware, they were actually included in the final version of Jack as tattoos on her arm.

August 11, 2013

What Elizabeth looks like in BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea

If you've been living under the ocean in a decrepit, leaky city you may not have heard that Bioshock Infinite is about to have its first lot of DLC called Burial at Sea.

Irrational Games has released a picture of what Elizabeth will look like so that cosplayers can get on the action asap:

elizabeth dlc look burial at sea

Here's what they had to say:

Recently, we’ve been getting a bunch of requests from the cosplay community to see Elizabeth’s entire new Rapture outfit from BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea in order to create the perfect cosplay, and we’re here to fulfill that request with the image below of Elizabeth from various angles. Hopefully this reference will help get those sewing machines started, and we look forward to seeing all those talented cosplays at future conventions and photo shoots.

Chief versus Sheppard cosplay - who does it the best?

chief sheppard cosplay otakon

Some pretty sweet cosplay action going on at the Otakon! Who does the best cosplay? Chief or Sheppard?

August 10, 2013

Destiny is all about player choices - Bungie

I'd choose to take a jacket to this place
Bungie's Mail Sack makes it clear that Destiny is all about player choice. GRUNT 4500 asked a question which expands on that stand point. "What will make us want to come back to a certain area in Destiny?"

The reply:


Playing Destiny will provide you with more choices than any other game we’ve ever created for you to play. You’ll decide which corners of our lost civilization you like to visit the most, as well as how you like to spend your time there. What’s your favorite thing about playing an action game? As those things may change from day to day, you think you’ll find a lot of reasons to visit your favorite destinations again and again.

In Destiny, we believe we can provide a meaningful activity for every player, no matter their mood. That might mean taking in a great, cinematic story. That might mean exploring the world with friends. That could be a cooperative mission or a challenge or a competitive multiplayer match. It might even just mean socializing a little in the Tower while you upgrade your gear, trade in some hard-won artifacts, or just soak in a breathtaking sunset, or enjoy a homebrew with oak chips.

Destiny is an ambitious undertaking – bigger than anything we’ve ever built before. If you’d like to know more, plans are underway to give you what you want.

Inkwash of Spartan 117

inkwash spartan 117

RedGrimRune has done a rather fantatic ink wash of everyone's favourite spartan, Mr John 117. I wonder what the Chief is thinking? Is he more human than you, man?

August 5, 2013

An early concept design of what was to be become the Millennium Falcon

early millennium falcon design

Here's a pretty awesome early concept design of what was to be become the Millennium Falcon.

Obviously it's the work of the great Ralph McQuarrie - it would have been amazing to spend a day in his mind.

Gosh, let's hope the Falcon turns up in Episode 7....

You don't see the Slave Leia / Harley Quinn mash up very often

leia harley quin cosplay
Leia or Haley?

As spied on Reddit, the Harley Quinn / Slave Leia mash up cosplay trick. Very clever. That wee Jabba the Hutt doll is a bit cute as well, nice attention to detail with that tongue poking out!

August 4, 2013

Benjamin Sjoberg's concept art of 'The Primordial' from Halo

Here's graphic artist Benjamin Sjoberg's chilling piece of concept art of 'The Primordial', an ancient being that can be found in the Forerunner books written by Greg Bear (see Halo: Cryptum, I thought it was a great read). 


Benjamin said of his work "The looming menace featured in the Forerunner trilogy by Greg bear - the Primordial, a.k.a. The Timeless One, The Captive, The Prisoner of Charum Hakkor. Did my best to live up to the epicness inherent to its many names."

Check out his tumblr for more Halo Forerunner design goodness.