July 24, 2013

ME3's Stargazer ending might have been different, even before the Extended Cut

Did you ever play Mass Effect 3 and watch through the end credits to the scene at the end where an old man (the Stargazer) tells his grand daughter about the exploits of a person called The Sheppard? I think it was designed to convey that Sheppard’s efforts were not in vain and humanity survived the effects of the Reaper invasion. Gosh knows how...

But this ending was not always was not always intended to be there as some design artwork by Matt Rhodes suggests. This artwork was named “Endgame_FarFuture” and shows a crashed Citadel and what looks two be two Prometheans crossing a field: 

Who knows what this was actually intended to mean.

Things got messy with the Extended Cut and the new Liara ending (or clearer on your POV)

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