July 2, 2013

Can I play Destiny's campaign solely as a single player?

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Destiny is looming large and fans and grizzled gamers are started to seek answers to their questions - given Bungie has made a fairly big deal about how Destiny will be a persistent world where players come together on all fronts for what are known as Public Events - punters have been asking if they will be able to play the game as a single player without the need for online co-operation.

Bungie have obliged with a fairly comprehensive answer that should address any concerns:

How does Destiny appeal to people who want to play the game completely single player?

"If you want to cut a bright line through Destiny that takes you through the heart of its central story arc, you’ll be well taken care of. Staten and his stable of incredible writers are focused on ensuring Destiny’s narrative is filled with memorable characters, indelible, cinematic moments, and heart-pounding, blockbuster adventures.

When we say Destiny will have activities for every mood, that includes private moments when players are compelled to immerse themselves in the story. There will be room for the strong, silent type in Destiny. Those rogues will blaze their own trails, only breaking their focused stride when they choose to help a fellow Guardian in peril. Some of these free spirits even work on our team."

A pretty forthcoming answer from the team at Bungie which is great to see but I've always been fond of the saying that "no man is an island"....

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