March 18, 2017

ME4 development well underway

Mass Effect 4 / Andromeda's coding  is well underway somewhere in Montreal. Like Halo 5, just don't call it that.

Games just don't get written from scratch these days. Long gone are the days of John Romero basically writing Commander Keen in a small office somewhere - A Grade games need a boat load of code so to make things a little easier it's always nice to borrow some from your friends eh?

Yanick Roy from Bioware Montreal tweeted this:

He later clarified this meant that some parts of Dragon Age: Inquisition's engine were being used. 

This idea is not new for example there are a lot of games out there that share the same 'engine' such as those of the Call of Duty series. The idea is that you don't have to make a whole new set of code for in world physics etc - you use the engine and configure it to your needs thus saving production resource to use in other parts of the game. Engines are updated over time too.

Sounds like Mass Effect is in safe hands  in Montreal with Yanick Roy - but do your self a favour mate and keep Casey Hudson away from the ending...

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