May 13, 2013

Your momma is so fat she got stuck in the Halo

Cliffy B muses on this article about the levels of co-operation that are required in the game Monaco after a dude called Ryan posted his own musings in response. Here’s Ryan’s best thought:

"Multiplayer modes are excellent, computer AI blows in comparison. Nothing beats a game where you can legitimately outsmart someone as opposed to finding the non human “quirk” to defeat an AI. Yet, in this arena, you’re subjected to playing with absolute cretin’s who not only are total tremendous douchebro’s, but thrive off out douching each other at a rational person’s expense."

Cliffy B then mused that Xbox’s anonymity over the head sets is ‘one of its biggest limiting factors’ and I think he should know as his Gears of War franchise helped contribute to this problem, gosh knows Halo did too. I stopped using a headset years ago because of it.

Cliff didn’t offer any solutions other than to share an amusing anecdote about what happens when the lights go out in a cafeteria (which is basically what XBL is consistently light).

I’ve a solution. Xbox Live users should be able to select an option where they can play persons who are only 30 years plus age (and where those accounts have been in use for a couple of years with no issues).

I posit such a population would be free of griefers, racists, red necks, ignorant 14 year old Australian boys and otherwise un-suitable players.


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