March 4, 2013

Shae Shatz releases Halo 4 concept art

wraith concept art shae shatz

Conceptual artist Shae Shatz had a big hand in helping design Halo 4. Here's some art he did for the Spartan Ops part of the game. He had a hand in weapon design, and promotional work to promote Halo as well. 

These images are from Shatz's work on 'Apex', of which he said:

"HALO 4 Spartan Ops pre-production paintings. Early on, we were seeking to create a mini-narrative that would make for a compelling multi-session based experience, where players could take over an outpost one week, fly a pelican mission the next week and fight their way up a hillside where they could infiltrate a forerunner technology compound"

forerunner concept art halo

foreunner vista on requiem halo

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