March 18, 2013

How many Bambi have been killed in the new Tomb Raider?

lara croft costume play
Meagan Marie cosplaying as Lara Croft
Square Enix have posted some really cool stats on how the new Tomb Raider game has been played - while a lot of tombs have been raiders, as you would naturally expect - I don't think any one counted on now many deer have been slaughtered by Lara Croft. Why hasn't PETA got so upset about this? They got soooo shitty when the whales were on offer...

Here's the statistics of the game from the post:

Did you know that in your collective mission to survive and quash Lara's hunger - but of course also to suck up that all-important XP - the community has killed a collective 5,294,879 deer? Sorry Bambi...
FeeFee and his friends didn't fare much better either, with the community collectively killing a total of 1,417,750 crabs - snatching you an achievement in the process.
But killing deer and eating crab cakes isn't what makes Lara a survivor. Together you've taken everything that's thrown at you, escaping the clutches of death, delivering Lara to safety so she can fight another day. Lara has had 13,742,891 close calls and you've outwitted your enemies by dodging them 11,067,764 times.
No arrow in the knee jokes here - you're incredibly skilful with the bow! You've risked it all to save your loved ones, dispatching 147,675,058 enemies with the bow (20,601,083 of those with fire arrows). And not being one to be waste resources you've looted and salvaged a total of 356,988,302 arrows from fallen enemies.
But what makes Lara more than just a survivor to us? She's a Tomb Raider reborn, and together you've embarked on an adventure that's revealed 3,570,956 tombs between you all!

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