February 23, 2013

Three things Bungie wants you to know about Destiny

A Vex
Bungie's kimono has been opened ever so slightly regards Destiny. There's been a lot of questions that have been asked but not answered. Not yet any way. But Bungie have said they want you to remember three things:

1. Destiny is an action game set in an amazing and mysterious new universe. If you love first person shooters – if you enjoy Bungie action games – then you’re going to love Destiny.

2. Players are the center of our world. You create a character, and you grow and customize it over time.

3. Destiny is designed from the ground up to be better when you play it with your friends. You can have solitary cinematic experiences, but Destiny is built from the ground up to be cooperative.

It will be interesting to see how the social aspect of the game plays out. I personally don't really go in for co-op missions and the like but if Bungie do it right and players can seemlessly pop in and out of each others missions, quests or raids or whatever they are called, it could be a good thing. 

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