February 21, 2013

Is Destiny on the PS4 REALLY a betrayal by Bungie?


I saw on the interwebs that Rampancy said "What is this bull about @Bungie announcing #Destiny for #PS4 being a "betrayal"? Destiny will run on all the platforms Bungie can manage." and I thought, gosh who on Earth would think that having Destiny run across the main console platforms of this era was a betrayal? I mean Halo: CE had the "Two Betrayals" but I don't think that's even close to what's going on here.

True Bungie fans (and onlookers of course) may recall that Microsoft once purchased Bungie and then Bungie bought themselves back from Microsoft. The price? A Halo game or two until Microsoft could put together their own game studio. So, given that stance, why would Bungie be solely loyal to the Xbox?

And why should Bungie's talents, skills and ideas not be exposed to a greater audience? Surely if fans love Bungie so much they would want their friends who've never played a Bungie game but don't mind the odd bit of Kratos to experience the magic of Bungie?

And let's of course remember the reason for the season. Yes, Bungie like to make games they want to play. That is not in doubt. But companies exist to make money so that their owners can feed their children, buy flashy red covertibles and take part in camel racing if they want. It's up to them and no one else what they do with their cash.

And if you want cash, you may as well make as much of it as you can, so course it makes sense for Destiny to come out on the PS3 and PS4 and the Xbox 360 and the Xbox 720 and probably the PC. But in no way shape or form is such an action a betrayal. It's business.

Do those people same people not realize that Halo was a commercial venture and that Bungie had done several succesful such ventures before then in the form of Myth, Oni and Marathon and GNOP? And those where PC based games. So if Destiny on the Playstation is a betrayal, was not Halo being an exclusive on the Xbox Bungie betraying their PC fan base? I don't think so Tim.

Destiny is going to make a boat load of money for Jason Jones and his crew and I say good on them. When they release DLC for Destiny and make another bucket full on money, I'll say good on them. Why? Because that's life. Feeding your kids and having enough cash to by the next Gears of War game or some flowers for your wife is what it's all about. That's what Bungie is doing, and that's what you do when you go to work everyday too.

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  1. Well, this is kinda like a payback for Xbox games only for Xbox. So far the rumors of the Xbox 720 is not looking too good, they said it cannot play used games, until it is confirmed, Microsoft will be going down with the ship, and Sony will be the honor to sink it.

    AND MAYBE, Microsoft should have thought twice before making Halo only for the Xbox and not for Playstation, now look what they have done, BETRAYAL...


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