February 15, 2013

Destiny will feature The Fallen

Bungie's Destiny game is being formally revealed to the world very soon, so it's no surprise that things have started to leak out. Journalists, gaming magazines and websites have been given the heads up so as to be ready for the big day. So it seems that Joystiq has jumped the gun with this poster (from Gamestop) of the Fallen, presumably one of the aliens that will feature in the game:
fallen destiny poster

They have to be aliens as this twitter leak suggests the Fallen have four arms...

That fellow looks a little more fearsome than a Promeathan Knight eh?

Arcadesushi reported that:

"Best Buy pre-order materials from Destructroid seem to indicate that Destiny will be a first-person shooter that revolves around the arrival of something called “the Traveler.” There’s mention of survivors, Golden Ages, civilizations, the last safe city on Earth, and a possible interconnected universe and story that will be the “evolution of entertainment.”"

If it's true Destiny is a first person shooter, that will be a relief for many I'm sure.

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