January 24, 2013

You may be a Halo camper if…

camping halo

Campers get a bad name in Halo and other video games. I have no idea why, I think it's a legitimate strategy...

You may be a  Halo camper if…
  • The Incineration Cannon is your favourite weapon because of its above average marshmallow roasting capabilities. 
  • Your preferred Ordnance Drop consists of a tent, sleeping bag and portable stove. 
  • You think DMR stands for “Doesn’t Matter, Really”. Because with way you play the game, it doesn't, really. 
  • The crouch button is always the first button to get worn out on your controller. 
  • You have more Base and Flag Defense medals than all your friends combined. 
  • You wish “stationary” was a selectable status on Facebook. 
  • You think Active Camo should be buffed. 
  • You’re offended when people call it a legit strategy because it’s more than that. It’s an entire way of life.
  • When anybody asks how your last game went, you say, “It was 'in tents'” and then laugh hysterically. 
  • You read this entire list while you were mid-game, and your position still hasn’t been discovered.
As found at Halo Waypoint