June 18, 2012

A brief and colourful history of The Master Chief

A brief and colourful history of The Master Chief can be found at Halo Way Point


June 15, 2012

Meet Sofia Hendrik, COG

Sofia Hendrik gears of war

Meet Sofia Hendrik,  a COG from GOW: Judgement
Name: Sofia Hendrik
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 135 lbs
Before those nasty Locusts decided to invade hit Halvo Bay, Sofia Hendrix was training as an Onyx Guard cadet. Sofia stepped into the fight against the Locust Horde after being exposed to the atrocities of war as a media correspondent towards the end of the years-long Pendulum Wars. 

Having seen terrible actiond and crimes committed during battle, she sets out to ensure that the conduct of war is properly waged, and that personal ethics and morals must not be sacrificed for victory.

Sounds like a damn goody too shoes....

June 14, 2012

Brits rule EA did not exaggerate ME3's advertising claims

mass effect 3

Brits rule EA did not exaggerate ME3's advertising claims 

Remember how everyone was pretty pissed with the Mass Effect 3 ending because it did appear to allow you to have a firm control over Commander Sheppard's destiny?

Some one laid a complaint with thee British Advertising Standards Authority suggesting Electronic Arts had exaggerated their claims. The ASA's verdict / determination is in and they found that EA's online advertising regards claims about the game did not breach the Code established for advertisers.

I'm sure this decision won't sway the firm views of many rabid fans ...

Here's the determination from the ASA.


Claims on masseffect.bioware.com/about/story, a website promoting the computer game Mass Effect 3, stated "INTERACTIVE STORYTELLING EXPERIENCE THE BEGINNING, MIDDLE, AND END OF AN EMOTIONAL STORY UNLIKE ANY OTHER, WHERE THE DECISIONS YOU MAKE COMPLETELY SHAPE YOUR EXPERIENCE AND OUTCOME ... Mass Effect 3 plunges you into an all-out galactic war to take Earth back from a nearly unstoppable foe - and how you fight that war is entirely up to you. Choose a fast-paced cinematic experience or delve into a deeper, more choice-driven narrative. Either way, intense combat propels the action as you fight to unite a war-torn galaxy against a common enemy ... Along the way, your choices drive powerful outcomes, including relationships with key characters, the fate of entire civilisations, and even radically different ending scenarios".

Three complainants challenged whether the claims "where the decisions you make completely shape your experience and outcome" and "your choices drive powerful outcomes, including relationships with key characters, the fate of entire civilisations, and even radically different ending scenarios" misleadingly exaggerated the variety of outcomes available in the game and the differences between the outcomes.

Electronic Arts Ltd (EA) said they did not consider the "ending" experience of Mass Effect 3 (ME3) was limited to what appeared in the final cut scene, and that the consequences and implications of player's choices were actually presented during the last three to five hours of the game.

They explained that war assets were the collected people, forces and technology that the player had earned over the course of ME3, and that many of the assets that were collected by players would be impacted by choices from earlier games, or from activity external to the single player game. They explained that the total score of all assets was accumulated and then modified by the player's galactic readiness to produce an Effective Military Strength (EMS) score and that score would then determine the choices that were available to players in the endgame, along with the cut scenes which would be triggered to illustrate the consequences of players' choices. They said almost every decision a player made in the game would impact the EMS score in some way, and they therefore considered that each decision would impact the player's experience during the last hours of the game.

They said the final decision a player made in the game would have a drastic impact on the implied end state of the player's story, and that the endings came in the form of three possible choices, the availability and outcome of which were determined by the player's EMS score. An optimal play through would result in all three choices being available but players may have only two options or no choice at all, depending on their previous actions. They said the effectiveness of the choice made was also dependent on the EMS score, for example whether the main character "Shepard" would survive and whether the Earth was destroyed. They said there were also a large number of other, more minor, variations. In particular, they explained how the outcome of the Geth/Quarian Campaign and the Genophage Campaign would impact on the cinematic experience at the end of the game, and the implied end state of the player's story. They said that characters who had died during previous games in the series, as a result of player actions, would not be present in ME3, and that other actions in previous games could also lead to the death of supporting characters in the game.


Not upheld

The ASA acknowledged the complainants' belief that players' choices in the game did not influence the outcome to the extent claimed by EA. However, we considered that the three choices at the end of the game were thematically quite different, and that the availability and effectiveness of those choices would be directly determined by a player's EMS score, which was calculated with reference to previous performance in the game(s). We also acknowledged that there appeared to be a large number of minor variations in the end stages of ME3, and that those were directly impacted by choices made by players earlier in the game(s). Whilst we acknowledged that the advertiser had placed particular emphasis on the role that player choices would play in determining the outcome of the game, we considered that most consumers would realise there would be a finite number of possible outcomes within the game and, because we considered that the advertiser had shown that players' previous choices and performance would impact on the ending of the game, we concluded that the ad was not misleading.

We investigated the ad under CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 (Misleading advertising) and 3.11 (Exaggeration) but did not find it in breach.

No further action necessary.

June 4, 2012




With the addition of SPARTAN-IV super-soldiers into the Office of Naval Intelligence’s expansive military schema, the Materials Group has spearheaded the next generation of Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor, officially dubbed ‘GEN2.’ Now produced by half a dozen military and privately contracted manufacturers, the newest format of ONI’s prodigious armor technology comes with ad hoc modification systems, which, in addition to Armor Abilities, allows for Tactical Packages and Support Upgrades. These enhancements give Spartans the opportunity to improve their combat performance as well as personalize their actions in the field.

What is a Promethean Watcher? Halo 4

Promethean Watcher Halo 4
What is the Promethean Watcher that's found in Halo 4?

As the large, flying sentinels of Requiem known as Watchers are typically deployed from the armored carapace of their Knight commanders and exist to provide strategic aerial combat. Hovering high above the battlefield, Watchers not only heal and augment damaged allies but also catch and return incoming ordnance, such as grenades, using a gravity-displacement beam.

Their existence serves to frustrate all opposition, often forcing enemies to engage them directly before dealing with other more immediate Forerunner units.

HEIGHT: 4ft 3in (128.6cm)
WEIGHT: 318lbs (144.2kg)

What is the Scattershot from Halo 4?

Z-180 Scattershot halo 4

What is the Scattershot from Halo 4?

DESIGNATION: Z-180 Close Combat Rifle/Asymmetric Engagement Mitigator

The Z-180 Scattershot is a prominent Forerunner channel weapon that was used for close-range defense toward the end of their war with the Flood. While practically unstoppable up close, the most remarkable attribute of the Scattershot is its schismatic dispersal effect, drowning confined hard-surfaced interiors with brutal, ricocheting beams of energy.

What is the M363 Remote Projectile Detonator in Halo 4?

M363 Remote Projectile Detonator Sticky


DESIGNATION: M363 Remote Projectile Detonator
MANUFACTURER: Acheron Security

The M363 RPD is a low-profile single-shot weapon that launches a magnetically latched explosive, which the operator can remotely detonate when at a safe distance. Although previously manufactured in low quantities, this weapon’s size and ease-of-transportability has made it ubiquitous in the years which followed the Covenant War.

What is a Promethean Crawler? Halo 4

Promethean Crawler Halo 4

What is a Promethean Crawler? Halo 4 

The impressively armed Forerunner machines known as Crawlers represent the most extensive and abundant native enemy on Requiem. Capable of both close-quarters and long-range combat, Crawlers are aggressive quadrupeds, explicitly engineered to ferociously hunt down and eliminate any foreign threats. It is not uncommon to encounter Crawlers in substantial numbers, as most travel in large packs and work together in strategic coordination to bring down enemies by overwhelming them from every conceivable angle.

They represent the most extensive and abundant "native" enemy on Requiem.

Crawlers can be spawned by Watchers, who literally conjure the Crawlers' raw forms from the material of the planet beneath their four little feet. While Watchers protect Crawlers, Knights treat them as fodder, relentlessly spawning them at a rapid-fire rate. Crawlers act like a skirmishing unit, harassing the player at the Knight's bidding.

While they often fulfill the role of Promethean fodder, not taking a group of Crawlers seriously would be a mistake as they work together in strategic coordination to overwhelm enemies from every possible direction.

Individual Crawler types include the basic unit, a more heavily armed unit, and a deadly, long-range unit. The heavily armed variant is tougher than the basic unit and is more likely to charge in and melee attack.

LENGTH: 7ft 8in (234.7cm)
WEIGHT: 371lbs (168.3kg)

What is a Promethean Knight? Halo 4

promethean knight halo 4
What is a Promethean Knight from Halo 4?

Residents of the artificial world of Requiem, Promethean Knights represent the central occupying enemy force, legions of extremely capable combatants with both ancient and mysterious origins. While these Prometheans are significantly different from the legendary Forerunner Warrior-Servants of ages past, these Knights are no less harrowing.

They are fully weaponized, heavily armored bipedal warriors, easily capable of engaging and terminating perceived threats in almost all environments. They are truly lethal creatures, taken lightly only at one’s peril.

HEIGHT: 10ft 1in (308cm)
WEIGHT: 934lbs (423.7kg)

What is the UNSC Infinity?

What is the  UNSC Infinity?

A warship unparalleled in human innovation, the UNSC Infinity is easily the largest and most powerful vessel ever employed by Earth. Although it was originally designed to contend with the Covenant, the war’s end recommissioned Infinity for peaceful exploration and research—until it discovered the Forerunner world of Requiem and was mercilessly pulled into the maw of the planet. Now, the fate of Infinity and its crew is inexorably tied to that of the Master Chief, as the ending of a 100,000-year story finally takes shape.