April 27, 2012

The Primary Colours...

I just found Padinga's short films about video games and their effect on marriage. They're pretty darn clever....

This video is a win for gamers everywhere?

Here's the effect that ME3 can have on certain men...

April 25, 2012

James Hawkin's GOW3 concept artwork

master boomer concept art

You might have seen me take the piss out of this 'Savage Grenadier' but if you'd had followed the link you might have found this website by concept artist James Hawkins where he's put up some pretty cool images of the concept design work he did for the Gears of War 3 game. You've heard of it right?

Here's some of the images, full set is here.

gow3 truck concept art

locust dreadnaught concept design

The shotgun

locust seige beast concept artwork

raven's nest gears of war artwork

Silverback design.

April 24, 2012

Shane Pierce's Gears of War 3 Concept Art

gears of war 3 concept artwork

Artist Shane Pierce has put up some of the concept artwork he did for the Gears of War 3 game - mostly the images posted are of landscapes and buildings. Pretty awesome design work for the world of Sera!

Check out more of Pierce's artwork here.

gears of war 3 concept artwork

gears of war 3 concept artwork building

gears of war 3 concept artwork building with water

April 22, 2012

Does this Savage Grenadier remind you of any one?

Savage Grenadier

So I spied on the internets some dude gave another dude a drawing and I thought, how nice. And then I looked at this picture of the 'Savage Grenadier' from the Gears of War series and I thought that's cool but what does that face remind me of? And then it hit me. It was a subtle nod to one of the worst movies in history.

The Savage Grenadier looks like Howard the Duck:

Howard the Duck

Now haters gonna hate so don't tell me he's got a cloth around his face or anything, aight?

April 12, 2012

JJ Reviews: Primordium by Greg Bear

You might have read how much I loved Greg Bear's Halo: Cryptum and that within a short while of reading the last page I had ordered the second in the saga, Primordium. I'm gonna assume you've read Cryptum too as I review it. So do I need to say spoilers?

halo primordium cover
JJ Reviews: Primordium by Greg Bear

Opening with a very quick recap of the events of Cryptum, it's immeadiately clear that this story is a retelling of an adventure that happened to one of the characters from that novel, Chakas. The twist is that he appears to not be himself any more. Is he a collection of thoughts on a disk drive? Has he turned into another being? All, I'm sure is to be revealed.

Chakas finds himself crash landed on a Halo and perhaps almost too quickly falls in love (of a kind) with a local 'inhabitant'. From memory, the Halo games have never shown us as having intelligent life (other than plants and the odd bird) so this sets up an interesting premise.

But it's a premise that takes a little time to really get into gear. As a hero and his two new best friends seek out the abandoned city where Riser might be found, we basically learn nothing except that there are rabbits on the Halo.

But once we are passed that minor hurdle Greg Bear settles into the narrative, drop nice little hints and references along the way about the Librarian, geas and the unspoken plan to keep the reader interested. Which is the point of a book right? (You can tell Jimmy Jangles doesn't have a career in book reviewing ahead of him - Ed.)

Finally (and I really do mean finally as it's a bit of a slog) there's a real sinister turn taken where we realise that the Precursor that was revealed to be alive on the last page of Cryptum is alive and well on Halo and seemingly in charge of the bloody thing. Talk about a bad turn... At least  Chakas has found Riser and they start a great journey, the end of which signals the climax of the plot arc.

Things come to a head. Our hero is confronted with saving the Halo so that it can be used against the Foreunners but does he want that?

The ending largely wraps up well, an adventure here, a near death (?) experince there, souls long dead revived through geas to give us context there, an old warrior servant wreaking havoc there and we're done.

The twist, if you could call it that, was obvious and I'd wondered if that was it a few chapters into the main story but fitted in nicely to traditional Halo lore, so I'll give big ups to Greg Bear for that.

Was I satisfied with Primordium? Not really. I found the journey to get the climax long and ponderous. Some of the detail in describing things was so vague as to not be helpful and the climax itself was a convoluted array of ghosts, monitors and walking corpses. That said, it was ultimately a good ending, perhaps just not as exciting as that of Cryptum.

I did feel however that Cryptum and Primordium were both written at same time as the same book, just split in two. I would bet Greg Bear and his 'Halo team' had the trilogy's essential elements well plotted before the writing began (thus meaning a a huge epic novel could have been written - but where's the money in that?!).

Thus the scene is set for the third novel in the The Forerunners Saga. Or is it? The third, as yet not named book, is going to only be released after Halo 4.... which you might recall Frankie having said the novels feed directly into that game. It will thus be interesting to see how Halo 4's plot will influence or echo that third novel.

Sexiest Mario Brother Cos Play ever?

mario brothers cosplay meagan marie

Has Meagan Marie pulled of the most sexiest Mario Brothers cos play costume ever? You decide if you want her to ahh... fix your pipes?

mario brothers cosplay meagan marie

You might remember Meagan from her Anya cosplay from Gears of War outfit.

April 10, 2012

Incredible Mass Effect 3 Cosplay from Pax

thane from mass effect cosplay

Incredible Mass Effect 3 Cosplay from Pax

It seems to me that Mass Effect cosplayers might be the best in costume play out there. Check out these images of the cos play action from the recent PAX event.

tali cosplay mass effect


mass effect mordin cosplay
Mordin. No word on what the cosplayer sang...
Thane again and a certain doctor...

Check out some more Mass Effect costume players.

April 3, 2012

Movie references found in Mass Effect

mass effect star trek

Movie references found in the Mass Effect games

The entire Mass Effect game series is brimming with easter eggs and references to other games, movies and other popular culture. Here's a few movie nod though I think I've missed a whole heap of in jokes, direct lines and what not.

The Matrix

Joker refers to humans being organic batterys “Great this is where it starts, when we're all organic batteries guess who they'll blame?". This is in reference to the artificial intelligence EDI being freed of her programming locks.

A Spacey Odyssey 2001

Joker again. “What?! You're crazy! You start singing Daisy Bell and I'm done!" – The computer HAL 9000 sang Daisy Bell when it was being deactivated after going insane (or rampant perhaps). This itself was a reference to the IBM 7094 which was the first computer to sing and it sang the same song.

The Princess Bride

Commander Sheppard tells a C-Sec official that he was "just mostly dead." This was after Cerberus brought him back to life.

Star Trek

In the original ME, Commander Shepard tells a Krogan that the mine shift is collapsing and will surely kill them all. The Krogan replies, "Exhilirating, isn't it?", a direct reference to Kingon Kruge's response to Captain Kirk in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

If you take Sheppard to the Citadel and go to the bar on level 28 you can ask for a drink. The bar tender will pour you a tasty beverage .Shepard will exclaim 'This is green!'. This is a direct reference to Scotty's line from the original Star Trek movie.

ME2 - If you find yourself on Zakera Ward talking to Avina, can ask her why this area is more run down. She says "Asari futurists theorize that poverty will never truly be overcome by society until the invention of Cornucopia technology. A machine that can create anything the user desires. Such objects sadly do not exist out side science fiction literature" This is mostly potentially a reference to the replicator devices from Star Trek.

Star Wars 

In ME3, when Sheppard helps the Cerberus scientists escape, the line "The first transport is away.." is uttered and is a reference to the Rebels escaping the ice planet Hoth. 

The Hunt for Red October

During a ME3 mission with Tali, Joker activates the stealth drive saying "the only way they'll notice us is if everyone starts singing the Russian national anthem."

Battlestar Galactica 

OK it's a TV reference but while leaving the Geth Dreadnought Joker says "Just waggle your wings or something so I know which one is you" This is reference to the original Battlestar Galactica episode titled 'The Hand of God.'

What else is there? Leave your references in the comments !