January 24, 2012

Did you hear about the Kantus and the Hammer of Dawn?

Did you hear about the Kantus and the Hammer of Dawn?

How you played Gears of War 3 on Insane mode and got completely rooted by those Armoured Kantus soldiers you come across in Act 4?

Those guys are tough as titanium encrusted titanium. They make Skorge look like General Raam. And then there’s that electric worm that zaps you to contend with. What’s the best way of dealing with these Kantus Clowns?

I was doing an Insane mode run through and I came across a Hammer of Dawn at the point where Marcus and Co are trying to manoeuvre the crane to get fuel for the submarine – and I thought to myself, I won’t use it for this next salvo of Repears, I’ll save it for the Kantus guards.

And sure enough, the Hammer of Dawn works on the Kantus. They need to take a fair whack from it though, a quick douse with it is not enough, you need to laser the shit out of them. The Hammer of Dawn is generally good for about two Kantus kills. It only works in the spots where there's enough sunlight.

A good trick is to try and take that first Kantus out asap – hide behind a block until he is distracted by your squad mates and then let him have it as he moves to the right (if he starts the set piece coming straight for you, you're probably fucked).

You can then pick off the other bugs that escort the 2ndKantas or take him out from a distance. That’s the easy part. The next round involve another Kantus, some offsiders and the electrical eel / cerepod / worm thing – work on the eel as much as you can but don’t let him get to close or you’re a dead man. Shoot their tail off from the back and remember they move real damn quick and quietly....

A hint is to try and take him out away from the Kantus so you don’t get any fire from then. Easier said than done too. 

Using the Hammer of Dawn will only get you so far however so here's some other tricks to taking down and defeating the Kantus:

For a start, lets hope you followed my guide on arming your squad with the boomshot. Explosives trip up the Prickly Priests so the boom shot comes in handy. Indeed, there's one laying about on the opposite side from where the frag grenade and well placed ammo supply are. So when your Hammer juice is all used up, switch weapons to the Boomshot to take them down. Consider aiming at their feet so you don't miss them but do not fire from close range or you will likely kill yourself.

A well placed torque bow will down a Kantus as well.

When a Kantus gets up after a boomshot, bow strike or frag grenade explosion, they begin to scream blue murder and also glow yellow with rage. That's your chance to put some lancer bullets in their face to wear them down for the kill - or put a bow in their face. Do try it...

Word on the street for the fearless player is you can also tag a Kantus with a frag grenade for an instant kill. I haven't tried that one myself yet... that's only for the brave (or stupid - Ed.)

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  1. Me and my bro played through gears on insane (annoying with 2 useless bots), the hardest bit BY FAR was the Lambent Zerker, but I digress....
    Anyways, we basically picked up the boomshots from killed Boomers, and a few grenades lying around.
    When you see the armoured Kantus, throw a frag, the explosion makes the Kantus stop and scream at you, this gave us an easy opportunity to double tap it with our boomshots, occasionally we'd get a headshot and kill it in one!
    Also, tip for killing the zerker, during the wall defence bit before you encounter it, everyone grab a Longshot. Get a perfect reload round straight into it's core and it does a load of damage.

  2. Thanks for your thoughts anon, much appreciated ! Berserkers are indeed a challenge !!!!!


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