December 27, 2018

Blog of the Dead: Zombie Cosplayer

zombie girl with big tits
I wish these boobs were full of brains

That's what Zombies crave. 

It doesn't matter if you are a sexy Zombie nurse, a Zombie with a bullet in your head or attacked by zombies during your wedding, they all end up wanting a taste of the grey matter. 

At least that's what I thought till I found some of these cosplayers doing their zombie thing. 

Some of them have forgone the brains and simply want to make out with each other or engage in zombie sex orgies....

zombie orgy sex
Zombie orgy of blood and cuts
zombie cosplay bullet to face
He should see a Zombie doctor about that bullet hole, it might get an infection.

zombie father christmas

 The Zombies will eat any one, no matter how important. It's clear this Father Christmas was bitten by a zombie grinch who wanted to ruin Christmas day for everyone.

zombie cosplay male

Despite the bad teeth, it;s clear this long haired Zombie uses floss very well. His dentist would be pleased.

zombie playboy bikini girl

Zombie in a pink bikini. Need we say more?

zombie nurses kissing
Zombie love.

Zombies covered in blood making out. Is this what you came to Gears of Halo for?
zombie costume
Zombie with a friendly smile. Would you take him home for dinner?

zombie cosplay

I think this Zombie spilled some blood on her self during lunch, I'm not sure she's noticed?

Have you seen by tie bro?

zombie cosplay eating arms

zombies wearing bikini
Bikini Zombie asks if you have a condom?

zombie girls in bikinis

zombie black bikini
I'm gonna wash your brains down this this ice cold Coca Cola!

zombie bloody mouth
This Zombie only has eyes for you. 

The Morose Zombie

zombie slut nurses with blood

Hot Zombie nurses seem to be all the rage. I cannot only wonder in horror what their sponge bath technique might be like? Below this cosplayer's Bride of Zombie shot is pretty sweet. I wonder how the groom ended up.....

zombie wedding


  1. Anychance its possible to find out who the first zombie holding up her chest is? She fine!

  2. Someone please give us a name for the 1st zombie.

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